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    19 Things You Know If You Worked In A Cinema During Summer

    Popcorn duty on a 40 degree day... no thank you.

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    1. Summer school holidays were definitely THE WORST.


    2. The influx of children's movies made so many sessions unbearable... / Via

    ...considering most of them sold out instantly.

    3. And cleaning the cinema after them was the absolute pits.

    4. TBH being on floor during summer was pretty much hell.


    Sure you got a break from dealing with customers at the candy bar, but running up and down the stairs and trying to clean the cinema in record time makes for some pretty sweaty work.

    5. You'd always try and get boxing day off...


    6. ...because it's hard to navigate the busiest day of the year hungover, or uncomfortably full with Christmas food.


    Or both.

    7. While most customers enjoyed coming in for the air-con, you could barely even feel it behind the candy bar.


    8. Which made being on popcorn duty on a 40-degree day pretty torturous.


    9. And regardless, most customers would still be grumpy AF because the cinema was "too busy".


    It's summer season mate. We can't help it.

    10. You'd try and sneakily change your uniform, like wearing a short-sleeved top instead of your usual long one.


    Anything to stay a bit cooler.

    11. Working while your friends kicked back at the beach felt pretty unfair.


    12. Though sometimes they'd come in and visit you to beat the heat and try and get cheap tickets...


    ...which was awkward if your manager was nearby.

    13. And too many times you had to decline night time drinking adventures, because you knew working hungover the next day would probably break you.


    The whole 'lines out the door of loud children" doesn't help a hangover.

    14. You'd often try and stand near the choc-top freezer in an attempt to keep cool.

    15. Or sneak some frozen Coke into the back room when it got a little quieter between sessions.


    16. Though all too often in the summer season, there's no such thing as a break.

    17. Your biggest fear was the air-con breaking and having to deal with hot and bothered customers.


    18. And you barely had time for the people who complained it was "too cold" in the cinema when the air-con was fully functioning.


    Go stand outside again then buddy.

    19. On the plus side, you always got free tickets to movies so during your time off, you could go enjoy the cool comfort...


    ...that is, if you were brave enough to come back."

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