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21 Struggles Only Girls Who Attended A Catholic High School Will Understand

Thou shall not wear a skirt shorter than knee length.

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1. The amount of plaid you had to wear on a daily basis.


2. The ridiculous dress code rules...


No hair out, no make-up, no nail polish. The list goes on.

3. ... like really ridiculous.

4. Even on mufti days there were restrictions.

Am I even allowed to express my individuality?

5. This was your school's idea of dress-up days.

6. And this was an everyday problem.

7. Let's not forget the highly fashionable ankle-length winter skirts.

8. Not to mention constantly having to pull your socks back up to appropriate knee length.

God forbid a little bit of leg shows.

9. You could really do without the whole smudge on your forehead on Ash Wednesday.

10. Everyone from public schools thought you were an entitled bitch just because of where you went to school.

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11. There was a severe lack of sex education.


"This is what a period is." AND THAT IS ALL YOU WILL LEARN, BYE.

12. And every school disco... well there were different kind of rules.

13. You became an expert baker due to the endless amount of bake sales used to raise money for the school church.


"Wife" material.

14. Then there was the whole good girl persona, shoved onto you from a young age...


15. ... And the crippling self-doubt you had upon hitting puberty, wondering if any normal teenager thing you did was considered a "sin."


"Dear God, I kissed a boy today, I'm sorry I think? I don't know. Is that bad? Will I get pregnant now?"

16. Your teachers seemed to think liturgical dance was a decent sport option.


17. And you were forced to participate in school choir, even if you couldn't sing.

"The Lord is my shepherd and I want to follow, wherever he... something something."

18. If you went to an all girls school, you just had to stick to admiring the "brother" school students from the bus window.


19. Meeting up with boys from your brother school at the mall on Thursday nights or at school discos became a super exciting life highlight.


Even if you had no idea how to talk to them.

20. But if you had a boyfriend at a co-ed Catholic school, you probably weren't even allowed to hold hands.


Stay a Bible length apart at all times.

21. And there was always going to be that girl in your year that believed kissing could make you pregnant.

It's that whole lack of sex education thing.

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