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21 Struggles Only Girls Who Attended A Catholic High School Will Understand

Thou shall not wear a skirt shorter than knee length.

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3. ... like really ridiculous.

4. Even on mufti days there were restrictions.

Am I even allowed to express my individuality?

5. This was your school's idea of dress-up days.

6. And this was an everyday problem.

9. You could really do without the whole smudge on your forehead on Ash Wednesday.

12. And every school disco... well there were different kind of rules.

15. ... And the crippling self-doubt you had upon hitting puberty, wondering if any normal teenager thing you did was considered a "sin."


"Dear God, I kissed a boy today, I'm sorry I think? I don't know. Is that bad? Will I get pregnant now?"

19. Meeting up with boys from your brother school at the mall on Thursday nights or at school discos became a super exciting life highlight.

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