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19 Jokes Only "Grey's Anatomy" Fans Will Get

Because sometimes you've gotta laugh instead of cry. Warning: spoilers.

1. The not-so formidable Bailey.

2. When Mama Burke is at it again.

3. This accurate pie chart that pretty much sums up ALL the doctors.

4. The rather bizarre storyline with Denny and Izzie.

5. And the amazing fact that the doctors work incredibly long hours and still manage to visit the on-call room often.

6. The sly Webber.

7. This much-needed Wikipedia update.

8. And well, this.

9. This unfortunate name mashup.

10. But we all know McDreamy got his name for a reason...and this proves it.

11. This very true statement.

12. The musical trainwreck of an episode.

13. And the song that haunts us all.

14. Honestly, this NEEDS to be done.

15. Mer and Der's versatile couple name.

16. And Cristina's bizarre attachment to her lost shoe.

17. This accurate depiction of everyone feels after a new episode.

18. This sad reminder.

Watch grey's anatomy they said.. It'll be fun they said

19. And it maaaaay be too soon...