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Amy Lee From Evanescence Is Releasing A Children's Album, And Yes You Read That Right

She no longer needs to be woken up.

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Remember Amy Lee? Remember Evanescence?

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Um of course you do, because their songs were damn iconic.


But just to fuck you up a little, lead singer Amy Lee is now releasing a CHILDREN'S ALBUM.

Seriously!! Her first song "Dream Too Much" has been released online, and let's just say it has a slightly different vibe to "Bring Me To Life".

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"There's no way you can dream too much," Lee sings, which you know, is very different to the whole "wake me up inside" thing she was previously singing about.

Lee is a mother to two-year-old Jack, who she says inspired this album.

The album started as a present to her father, who was talking about making songs for Jack to have later in life. "My husband suggested, 'you guys should get in the studio together, you're both musicians'", Lee told Rolling Stone.

Dream Too Much will be released September 30 through Amazon Music.