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    14 Adult Situations That Make You Extremely Thankful For Your Parents

    Who knew grocery shopping was so expensive?!

    1. When you have to start paying your own rent.

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    You suddenly become very thankful for all those rent free years.

    2. The horrifying realisation that grocery shopping is ridiculously expensive.

    And that's just buying for one.

    3. Not to mention how tedious doing groceries is.

    The fact that your mother or father did it with whiny and demanding kids (you) makes them so much more heroic.

    4. When you're moving house and have to build new furniture.

    It was a lot easier when you could just ignore it and go play outside.

    5. The days where you struggle to get to work on time...

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    ... and you've only had to dress and feed yourself, not numerous mouths. How did your parents do it?!

    6. When you're trying to cook your first three-course dinner.

    Which makes you fully appreciate how your mother / father was basically the greatest chef ever.

    7. And the times you try to put limits on eating junk food.

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    Honestly it was a lot easier when your parents told you that you weren't allowed to eat any more dessert.

    8. In fact, it's easy to be grateful that your mother or father had a healthy dinner on the table at all after working all day...


    ... Meaning the fridge was actually stocked with enough food to make a decent meal.

    9. You now appreciate your parents insistence that it was time to switch off the TV and go to bed.

    It's a lot harder to make yourself go to bed when you're an adult and there's a Law and Order: SVU marathon on.

    10. Or their insistence it was time to switch off the computer and go outside and play.

    Somehow paying for a gym membership just doesn't feel the same.

    11. And even if both your parents worked, they managed to keep the house clean and presentable.

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    No stacked up takeaway containers or sticky surfaces to be found.

    12. You're now aware of how much of a saint your mother was for driving you around on weekends.

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    Getting out of bed before 9 am on a Saturday is a battle in itself.

    13. And you're even starting to believe your parents were totally right when they banned you from drinking alcohol until you were the legal age.


    May as well delay hangovers as long as humanly possible.

    14. So considering all the shit you put them through over the years, you're just damn grateful they even want to know you.


    And that was literal shit for the first couple of years as well.

    Thanks Mum and Dad.

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