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18 Times Aussie Celebs Were The Best On Social Media

"My favourite feature of the new $5 note is the microprint hidden in the Queen's hair that says #Justice4Harambe."

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1. When host of The Bachelor Osher Gunsberg tweeted this zinger.

“Girls love clothes” Yes Richie. They also love food, water, shelter and education. Just like boys. #TheBachelorAU

2. When Doctor Chris Brown tweeted this, after the other Chris Brown's latest controversy.

It's days like these where I really resent the choice of name Mr and Mrs Brown made all those years ago

3. When Hamish Blake captured his son in his element...

Another jockey nervously awaits his weigh in this weekend and wonders if he overdid the dim sims....

4. ...and explained his love for Breaking Bad.

Instagram: @hamishblakeshotz / Via

5. But his wife, Zoë Foster Blake, upped him in the hilarity stakes with this perfect meme.

6. When Margot Robbie thanked the paps who took this shot.

7. When Andy Lee shared this insight with us.

It's unfair to judge those you haven't met but you're a giant pussy if your windscreen wipers are going faster than the rain level requires.

8. When the Veronicas tweeted this very Aussie meme.

9. When Lee Lin Chin made this epic clapback to Survivor.

10. When Rove aptly described fatherhood in one simple tweet.

And so it is that my life has pretty much boiled down to whether I'm #TeamAnna or #TeamElsa.

11. And when he caught this awkward title moment from MasterChef.

12. When Chris Hemsworth admitted this picture may say a little more than his kid.

Instagram: @chrishemsworth / Via

13. And when Liam Hemsworth was just chillin' with a very special friend.

Instagram: @liamhemsworth

14. When Sasha Mielczarek was basically the biggest dad on Twitter.

Apparently the acronym smh means 'shake my head' and not Sydney Morning Herald! I wondered why the text message I received made no sense!

15. When Adam Liaw noticed the finer details of the new $5 note.

My favourite feature of the new $5 note is the microprint hidden in the Queen's hair that says "#justice4harambe".

16. When Larry Emdur shared this Siri burn.

17. When Rebel Wilson had this thought.

Is it weird that I wanna go on SURVIVOR just as an experiment to see how much weight I would lose without access to Ben & Jerry's??

Same Rebel, same.

18. And when Isla Fisher couldn't resist taking the piss while doing a glamorous photoshoot.