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Posted on 9 Sep 2016

We Need To Talk About Poor Alex Karev On "Grey's Anatomy"

Honestly, he's had such a bad run.

Grey's Anatomy will be returning to our screens soon for Season 13.


Yep. We've survived 12 seasons of heartbreak, tears, joy, plane crashes, shootings, explosions, trauma, and whatever else Grey's brings with it.

We all know Meredith has had a shit time, but it's time to turn our focus to Karev, please.


He has had SUCH a goddamn journey in 12 seasons, you guys.

He started as the snarky, self-serving intern, who was a bit of a player.


But over the years he's come through professionally, always putting his patients first. And think of all the teeny babies he's saved along the way.


However, Karev has had hardly any luck when it's come to his love life, and this is a guy who "knows crazy".


In terms of serious relationships we saw him support Rebecca/Ava through her accident, marriage, and pregnancy, and experience an on-off fling with Lexie Grey, who wasn't always emotionally OK. The most damaging relationship was Izzie, who Karev married shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer and went through a near-death experience with, only to have Izzie leave him with a pitiful explanation as to why.

In the latter seasons, Karev seemed to find happiness with Jo Wilson.


They both came from broken homes and backgrounds, giving them the perfect understanding of each other.

However, once he got ready to settle down, Jo rejected his proposal and wouldn't tell him why.


Which brings us to last season's finale, where we found out Jo is still legally married to an abusive ex. A drunk Jo confided in DeLuca before Karev, and Karev walked in to see them in what seemed to be a compromising situation. (FYI, it wasn't, it was just DeLuca trying to put drunk Jo to bed.) Karev then beat DeLuca to a bloody pulp (goddamnit, Karev!), and let's just say things aren't looking good for either of them.

Which brings me to this point: WHEN DOES KAREV GET A FUCKING BREAK?!


From his shitty childhood, to his shitty marriage, and the shitty way Jo ended up treating him, even though he tried so hard to make her feel safe, the poor dude has really been through the wringer.

Let's not forget Karev is also a freakin' amazing friend to Meredith, and drops everything for her.


Which did create problems with him and Jo to an extent, but also proves he's loyal AF when times get tough.

Call me old-fashioned, but I truly believe it's time we saw Karev get some sort of happy ending.


He's so good with kids! He has no family! He's such a great friend to Meredith! He's one of the only original cast members left! Let's just give him SOMETHING that goes right.

  1. Over to you: What do you want to see happen to Karev this season?

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Over to you: What do you want to see happen to Karev this season?
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    Some sort of happy ending, goddamnit, Shonda.
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    I think he has more drama in store.
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    I honestly don't care.

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