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Anthony Albanese Had A Dance To Taylor Swift On Election Day

Sometimes you just gotta "Shake It Off".

Labor MP Anthony Albanese decided to blow off some steam on election day, with a DJ set for the happy punters, featuring Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off".

. @AlboMP got a little moshpit started on stage thanks to Taylor Swift and some insane record scratching #ausvotes

Look at him go!

That record scratching.

Twitter: Joshbutler / Via Twitter: @JoshButler

He even had a little dance.

. @AlboMP just turned up and is now DJing and dancing to Taylor Swift #ausvotes

And obviously the kids LOVED it.

Albo dancing a jig at Annandale Public School #AusVotes @AlboMP Nice moves!

Twitter: @jaclark74

Keep shaking it off Albo!

Twitter: @epicvideomike

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