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    Posted on 13 Sep 2016

    Literally 19 Hilarious Tweets From Maia Mitchell

    "If you catch me looking at my phone and laughing, I'm watching my Snapchat story."

    1. When she had no trouble poking fun at herself.

    2. When she made this very relatable point.

    If u catch me looking @ my phone and laughing/nodding I'm watching my snapchat story

    3. When she had an open and honest relationship with her brother.

    I'll drive you to school IF you don't talk during my Spice Girls playlist

    4. And when he shut her down.

    Brother: Humor can be used to mask the truth Me: Shut up.

    5. When she handled a fan's comment with class.

    Someone just watched me scoff a burger in 2 minutes & then told me they watch my show. Thank u let me wipe the mayo off of all over my body

    6. When she had no time for Donald Trump.

    7. Like, at all.

    Sucks when you're having a good day and then you remember Donald Trump is a person.

    8. When she thanked the paparazzi for catching her at her best.

    Thank u papparazzi usually u don't care about me but when you do Im covered in sweat,heaving for air & getting defeated by grocery bags, thx

    9. And when she was mistaken for being the paparazzi.

    Pulled over to eat a burger in my car & got pointed out by a startours for being a paparazzi stalking a celebrity in their house 😎

    10. When she knew there was no joy to be found in going to the gym.

    When u have the gym to yourself but u don't care at all because there is no reality in which being at the gym could ever be good #fitness

    11. When she rightfully questioned this.

    12. When she had this awkward encounter.

    When you're watching TV with your parents & you forget there's a sex scene coming up and you're in the sex scene.

    13. When her mum delivered quite the burn.

    Me: Mum there's a new episode of The Fosters you haven't seen yet Mum: Yes but there's an entire season of Downton Abbey I haven't seen yet

    14. And when she shared the humorous side of living away from your family.

    15. When her photo was used for quite an, um, interesting article.

    16. When she proved even celebs experience avoidable accidents.

    17. When she had a different way of showing gratitude.

    500,000 WHOA if someone told me a couple yrs ago that that many people would be able to read things I write I would've spat at them. Thanks!

    18. When she shared this relatable photo.

    19. And when she proved that all Aussies, no matter where they, can't resist taking the piss.

    Wondering which selfie I should post with a quote about Memorial Day.

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