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22 Times Tumblr Accurately Summed Up Your Obsession With Books

My weekend is all booked.

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1. When someone says you already have too many books and you're like "well, no."

2. When you were a kid and your parents started to worry about you.

3. When you just have all the emotions.

4. When you're packing for a holiday.

5. When you want to start a new book, but feel the pressure to finish the one you're already reading.

6. When you take some storylines a little too seriously...

7. ... like the times you just want to lecture your fave.

8. This clever pun that, let's be honest, we've all used.

9. And this handy jingle for when you CBF doing anything social.

10. When your friend says they didn't like a book you lent them.

11. When you're experiencing shock, outrage and sadness all at once.

12. And when someone asks how your book is going.

13. When you think someone is harming a precious book just for a good photo.

14. When someone ignores the worldwide #spoilers rule.

15. When you want to share something great but also want to keep it for yourself.

16. When you just don't trust an author.

17. When you get the greatest birthday present ever.

18. When you definitely know who your bae is.

19. When breakfast interrupts your reading.

20. When you're shopping with a friend.

21. Or when your friends try to reign in your ridiculous spending habits.

22. And when you find out your fave is being meddled with...