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17 Times Salem From "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Summed Up Being In Your Twenties

He's technically hundreds of years old, but by nature, he's forever a twentysomething.

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1. When you find out your ex is dating someone uglier than you.


3. When you wake up with an epic hangover.

4. When you walk past a group of people taking a selfie.

6. When you're having an argument with your housemate.

7. When you pretend for a while you don't care about material possessions and focus on the little things.


8. When you're home alone on a Saturday night and you have everything you need.

Add Netflix to that and you've got a solid night in.

10. When you visit your parents' house and find out they've transformed your room into a guest room.


14. When you're invited to yet another dress-up birthday party and you're running out of costume ideas.

16. When all your besties go overseas and you're just like "But what am I doing with my life?"

17. And when this summed up how all twentysomethings deal with their emotions.


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