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    The Hottest Men On TV This Autumn: An Important And Definitive Ranking

    Quiet nights in are suddenly looking more appealing.

    10. Jack Donnelly.


    With a CV that so far includes only small roles in Misfits and House of Anabis, Jack Donnelly has gone completely under our radar. Now, though, that's about to change as he takes the lead role in a Greek mythology inspired fantasy adventure series. FYI, he spends a lot of it only partially clothed. Yum.

    What's he in? BBC1's Atlantis.

    9. Matthew Goode.

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    There's something special about Matthew Goode wearing hipster glasses, isn't there? You'll recognise him from Stoker, Brideshead Revisited and Match Point, but this autumn he'll be starring in a Pride and Prejudice based period drama. We can't wait.

    What's he in? BBC1's Death Comes to Pemberley.

    8. Oliver Proudlock.

    SW6's fittest toff scores points for his tortoiseshell spectacles and also for being really lovely. Remember when he didn't fancy Phoebe anymore and instead of cheating on her (à la Spencer, Hugo and every man ever on Made in Chelsea) he just told her he wanted to be friends. How. Very. Mature.

    What's he in? E4's Made in Chelsea.

    7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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    OK, we're still not over that time Jonathan Rhys Meyers was really fit in Bend it Like Beckham. Luckily, though, we don't have to because he's back on our screens this autumn. As a vampire.

    What's he in? Sky Living's Dracula.

    6. Mathew Baynton.

    It's Deano from Gavin & Stacey! Looking less chavvy and OH SO HOT. This autumn he'll be starring alongside former Gavin & Stacey co-star James Cordon in a comedy about secret agents. So he's funny and fit.

    What's he in? BBC2's The Wrong Mans.

    5. Joe Gilgun.

    There's something about his slightly grubby, angry, northern vibe that makes Joe Gilgun incredibly hot. You might know him from Emmerdale or This is England, but you'll definitely enjoy him in Misfits this autumn.

    What's he in? E4's Misfits.

    4. Tom Cullen.

    Getty / Ian Gavan
    Getty / Tim P. Whitby

    Wales really does produce some hotties, doesn't it? Just look at those cheek bones. We loved Tom Cullen when he was in Black Mirror. We loved him when we was in World Without End. And we're going to love him even more in period costume.

    What's he in? ITV1's Downton Abbey.

    3. Luke Evans.

    Another Welsh hottie! Having started out in Avenue Q on the West End, and having made a cheeky appearance in The Hobbit, he'll take to the screen again this autumn in a drama about Britain's biggest robbery. But before that, let's take a moment to admire how perfectly coiffed his hair is.

    What's he in? BBC1's The Great Train Robbery.

    2. Alexander Skarsgård.

    Getty / Andrew H. Walker
    Getty / Kevin Winter
    Getty / Jason Kempin

    Thank you, Sweden. Thank you very, very much. There are, quite honestly, few things more exciting than the prospect of Alexander Skarsgård back on our screens as a vampire.

    What's he in? HBO's True Blood.

    1. Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

    Getty / Jason Merritt

    Officially the world's most beautiful man. Look at his smile. Look at his hair. Look at that cheeky little glint in his eye. OH YEAH ALSO he used to work at a florist, so if you dated him, he'd buy you all of the best flowers every single day.

    What's he in? Sky Living's Dracula.

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