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    17 Fetch Christmas Gifts Every '00s Girl Must Have

    "You're like, really pretty."

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This Mean Girls poster.

    Perfect for every Regina George fan.

    2. This One Tree Hill-inspired bracelet.

    For anyone who wishes they'd gone to Tree Hill High.

    3. This Harry Potter stationery set.

    The perfect gift for any girl still waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter.

    4. This Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants print.

    Any Ann Brashares fan will love this letter from Lena to Tibby overlaid on a gorgeous sketch of Santorini.

    5. This A Walk to Remember necklace.

    For any girl who is still looking for her Landon.

    6. This Gossip Girl mug.

    The ideal present for any girl who aspires to be as organised as Blair.

    7. This Sims ring.

    For anyone whose mood is good to great.

    8. This Sex and the City poster.

    Buy this for any Carrie Bradshaw wannabe.

    9. This Friends card.

    For your Rachel.

    10. This Ugly Betty necklace.

    Buy this for anyone as strong-minded as Betty Suarez.

    11. This Mean Girls locket.

    Perfect for everyone who keeps an internal Burn Book.

    12. This Lost pillow.

    For anyone who finally managed to forget those numbers.

    13. This Gilmore Girls wall hanging.

    For anyone who loves coffee as much as Lorelai.

    14. This Harry Potter necklace.

    For any Deathly Hallows fan.

    15. This Gossip Girl tote.

    For anyone still waiting for their Chuck to say the magic words.

    16. This Friends spoon.

    Perfect for any coffee lover.

    17. And this O.C. card.

    For anyone who, like Seth Cohen, understands the importance of Chrismukkah.

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