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27 Normal People Who Ran Into Celebrities At Work

Doesn't get much better than Tyra Banks liking your dog.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the times they met celebrities while they were at work. Here are some of their most random and wonderful responses…

1. "I run a street-food burger business in Soho. One day, while I was cooking a double burger with no bun and extra salad, I turned round and saw a tall man in a cap at the counter. I quickly realised it was Idris Elba. I nearly freaked out! He proceeded to pay and told us to keep the change, from a £50 note." —aarona28

2. "I was working the women's restroom line for the musical Fun Home! in New York. My job was to keep the queue moving. One person stopped next to me, I turned, and then I saw Amy Poehler! I totally fangirled and asked for a hug. She was super sweet. Just a typical night on Broadway!" —kaitynoel

3. "I worked at the call center for Virgin America. One day my colleague, who sat next to me, got a call from The Jonas Brothers' mom canceling all of their flights. The next day, the band broke up and they cancelled their tour. We felt so in the know." —briah4e6fb3c96

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5. "I met Morgan Freeman when he came to the symphony halI I work at to see a show. He was so nice and asked me loads of questions about my life. And his voice sounded even better in person. I held it together pretty well, but as I was walking away I said to my co-worker, 'Omg I’m gonna pee my pants.' He tapped my shoulder and said, 'Please don’t.'" —meagaladon

6. "Lady Gaga once came to the motorway services I work in. This was years ago, when 'Just Dance' had just come out and most people didn't know who she was. Suddenly 'Just Dance' came onto the radio and she asked us to turn it up. We don’t control the volume, so we told her we couldn't and she replied, 'Who pissed on your cornflakes this morning?'" —Annie

7. "I work in a cafe in Nolita. A few months ago, I discussed where to find the best cookie in Manhattan with Leonardo DiCaprio. We talked about the city's best offerings and I gave him a recommendation for a place nearby. His friend said to me, 'You're like a cookie connoisseur!' to which I replied, 'They're my biggest weakness.' Leo nodded in agreement and said, 'They're one of God's greatest gifts. That, and alcohol.'" —Christine Baird, via Facebook

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9. "It was my third day working as a front desk agent at a fancy hotel and I was with the concierge on the private club floor. Thirty minutes into my shift, Drake and his posse pile off of the elevator. Later in the day he complained that the air-conditioning was not working properly in his room. Of course, we went in to check it out, and discovered that he has a duffle bag just for sneakers. Best. Work. Day. Ever." —ebirdsong95

10. "I used to work at Waterstones in Manchester. Early one morning David Bowie came in. He had his collar pulled up high and a baseball cap pulled down low to disguise himself, but you couldn't miss those eyes! Eventually he came up to the till that I was working at with a selection of books. He was really nice; he chatted to me a bit and even asked about my Belfast accent. My only regret was that I didn't hand him money and say, 'Here's your ch-ch-ch-chaaaange.'" —Martin Higgins, via Facebook

11. "I sold a pair of pants to Alice Cooper when he was in town for a concert. I didn’t immediately realise who he was since he didn’t have his usual makeup on, so he just looked like an older guy with his hood up. After he tried them on, he came up to the till to pay and only then did I realise who he was. My co-worker was on a break when he came in, and needless to say she was pretty jealous." —kellya4dca47603

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13. "I worked at The Deep aquarium gift shop, and once served Derren Brown. He bought a pencil and a bendy rule. I tweeted him afterwards telling him I liked his jacket and he replied!" —Masonecook

14. "I work for American Airlines and I saw this super-attractive guy sitting in the waiting area for his flight. I kept thinking to myself that he looked like Channing Tatum, but I thought I was just hallucinating since nobody was asking for pictures or autographs. So I started scanning tickets, and when I got to him his ticket said 'Channing Tatum' on it. I nearly passed out." —jordans495925872

15. "I met Steven Spielberg while working as a security guard at an art gallery at Yale, and the fact that I did not fangirl at all is one of my proudest achievements. While other employees were mildly stalking him and creeping on him from around corners, I just politely approached and asked if he needed any assistance. He was waiting for one of the architectural tours so we chatted about the collections on display and I gave him some lunch-spot recommendations. We probably talked for a good 15 minutes, and then I ran into him later at lunch: He took my recommendation and loved it!" —megkconnolly

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17. "Back in 2011 I was working in the champagne and Pimm's tent at Henley Regatta. At the end of the Sunday shift Sir Steve Redgrave and his friends came to talk to us at the bar. One of the girls I was working with clearly didn't recognise Steve and asked whether he had ever done any rowing. All of his friends burst out laughing and Steve replied with, 'Yeah I’ve done it…just a few times.' She was very embarrassed once we told her who she had been speaking to." —k4d9845396

18. "When the first Hunger Games movie was about to be released, Jennifer Lawrence came into the bar I was working in, in London. She was with Nicholas Holt. I was so starstruck that I just served them as if I had no idea who they were. Jennifer told me to keep the change (50p). I still have it to this day. They were both very sweet and down-to-earth." —b4b96a065b

19. "During my Disney College Program I worked at Downtown Disney. I was working on the watches and jewelry counter when the whole room got cleared away. A few bodyguards walked in, and none other than Liam Payne from One Direction came to the counter to buy some Pandora charms. He had a list of the ones that he wanted and asked me if I was having a good day. We made some small talk and I asked him if he was having a good day. He said he was having a ‘magical’ day. Best day, hands down." —mickenzielynnt

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—Mary Emmett, Facebook

21. "Justin Bieber came into a yogurt shop I worked at around the time he was dating Selena Gomez. The store was empty except for him and a friend. They were having a conversation and his friend said something like, 'Ah man, just blow her off.' Then he turned to me and said, 'Please tell my boy Justin that it's always bros before hoes.' I of course agreed and got back to nervously swirling their yogurts. All said and done? They didn't leave a tip! Boo!" —Brittany Wilhelms, via Facebook

22. "The Olsen twins' companies are in the same building I work in, and I’m basically the only person who hasn’t seen them yet. So one day I saw an SUV parked outside and tried to sneak a peek. I kind of told this guy who was smoking outside to move out of the way so I could spot the Olsens. It wasn’t them, but the guy I asked to move turned out to be Judd Apatow." —leahh11

23. "I was working at a bar in Kensington and Henry Cavill occasionally came in. One night another staff member and I got chatting to him, and he invited us and some American girls back to his for a party. Long story short: He wingmanned me and I ended sleeping with one of the girls in his spare bedroom!" —joshc434257222

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25. "I helped Chad Michael Murray pick out dog treats at Petsmart." —IntoTheOcean

26. "I was working at a pub in Notting Hill when the World Cup was on a few years ago. A big match was on, and Sienna Miller came in with a few friends. Sienna came to the bar and asked to have her phone charged and we shared a lol because I'm really short and couldn't reach the cord." —Jackalyn Byrne, via Facebook

27. "Busta Rhymes came into the Pizza Hut where I worked to use the bathroom. You should call him Busta Toilet because he flooded the bathroom!"


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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