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23 Things That Happened On Every PGL Trip

Fights about who you were sitting by on the coach, too much Haribo, and gross tents.

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2. People would stay up all night participating in hilarious coach banter.

Hannah Stewart / BuzzFeed

Like shouting "driver, give us a wave, driver driver give us a wave" for 12 hours, so you'd all be ridiculously exhausted when you all finally arrived.


3. And one of you would take a photograph of someone asleep on the coach, which would be absolutely hilarious.

Hannah Stewart / BuzzFeed

If you were feeling really rebellious, you'd take a photo of one of your teachers asleep and everyone would lose their shit.

4. Someone would spend all their pocket money for the trip on Haribo and arcade games at the service station.

Flickr: ollierb

They'd then throw up in the coach loo. You'd then realise some kid had been left behind at the service station.

7. And there'd be drama about who your roommates were, especially if they were not your first choice roommates.

8. Someone would get their period on the day you were meant to go canoeing, and everyone would gossip about it.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

You had a choice of using a tampon for the first time, or sitting on the side and watching everyone else have fun.

9. Everyone would develop an intense crush on one of the 18-year-old camp leaders.

And there would be a rumour that the most popular girl in your year had kissed him.

10. You’d develop an extreme rivalry with another school at your camp for no particular reason.

And then plan to sabotage them, which you never did.

11. Someone from your year would cry when they went abseiling.

13. And then stay up late in your tents or dorms telling ghost stories and trying to creep each other out.

15. Every time you left your campsite in the morning, your camp leader would shout, “Oggy oggy oggy!”

And you'd reply, "Oi, oi oi!"

16. Whenever you walked anywhere as a group, you'd sing a repeat-after-me song.

Including one about a song about a man called Joe who worked in a button factory.

17. Nobody would eat any vegetables the entire week.

You'd eat Nutella and bread and nothing else.


19. There wouldn’t be enough waterproofs of the right size, so someone would have to wear a comically large one.

And they'd all smell a bit weird.

20. You wouldn’t be allowed to go swimming unless you were wearing shorts, a t shirt, shoes, a buoyancy aid, and a crash helmet.

Even though you could swim.

22. You’d have spare time to ~go to town~ and it'd make you feel immeasurably grown up.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

In town, you'd all buy shit magnets for your parents, and shell friendship bracelets. And if you were feeling really exotic, you'd drink an Orangina.


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