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    24 Things All Stereotypically '00s Schoolgirls Will Remember

    Playboy pencil cases forever.

    1. Back then, owning a Playboy pencil case seemed like the most important thing in the world.

    Twitter: @EllieThompson9

    And you scribbled your crush's name on its inside.

    2. And the fact that Gareth Gates didn't win Pop Idol seemed like the world's greatest injustice.

    Andy Butterton / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    You probably loved him enough to drink Pepsi instead of Coke because he sponsored it.

    3. You spent your Saturday afternoons aimlessly wandering your local high street with a Starbucks Frappuccino in hand.

    Twitter: @jvyemgkino

    You didn't like coffee, but you knew it made you look cool.

    4. You idolised Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, and Audrina Patridge.

    EMPICS Entertainment
    Jean / EMPICS Entertainment
    Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    And you were obsessed with Vanity Fair's Bling Ring feature.

    5. And when Britney released "Lucky", you really started to think about fame in a different way.

    JIVE Records

    But you were certain that you'd never resent the paparazzi if you became famous one day.

    6. Your ultimate ambition was to appear on The Hills.


    You'd have done anything for Lauren Conrad's perfectly straight hair.

    7. So you dressed in a denim miniskirt and Uggs every single day.

    Getty Images

    Even in winter, when your knees were really damn cold.

    8. And you pretended to be more stupid than you actually were in an effort to be more like Paris and Nicole on The Simple Life.


    "Sana sa, sana sa, sana sa sa, sana sa."

    9. Which is why you owned a New Look T-shirt with a joke about being blonde on it.

    If you were not blonde, you owned one with a joke about your blonde friend on it.

    10. The coolest thing about owning a Motorola Razr was being able to close it with your face in order to hang up.

    Twitter: @nzheraldbiz

    You felt so chic.

    11. But really you wanted nothing more than to own a Murakami bag.

    You probably had a fake one.

    12. Spending an afternoon in Claire's Accessories was your idea of heaven.

    Twitter: @CazzleRazzle10

    You bought so many packets of earrings on their 3-for-2 deal.

    13. And getting ~frizzy hair~ from the rain was your ultimate nightmare.

    Twitter: @shannonmccamley

    It is not an exaggeration to say that getting GHDs changed your life.

    14. You dressed up as Regina George to every Halloween party you went to.

    Paramount Pictures

    So fetch.

    15. On your Myspace profile, you listed your friends under the title "My AnGeLs".

    Twitter: @TempestPaige

    You also listed one of your interests as "being random".

    16. You know it's a '00s cliché, but you legit couldn't live without your Jane Norman carrier.

    Twitter: @EveHopkinson

    You wanted a Juicy Couture bag, but you weren't made of money.

    17. You wouldn't leave the house without perfume on, and your favourites were "Curious" by Britney, "Just Me" by Paris, and "Glow" by J.Lo.

    Twitter: @Mariana201999

    You saved your pocket money so you could go wild at Duty Free.

    18. You queued outside Abercrombie to get a picture with one of their models.

    Twitter: @jessy_louisex

    And then you stuck it inside your school locker forever.

    19. You lived in your River Island poncho.

    The CW

    It was so comfy!

    20. And you owned the highest school shoes your uniform code would let you get away with.

    Twitter: @wortleylisa

    Your mum said you'd twist your ankle but you never did.

    21. You were obsessed with Groovy Chick and doodled them everywhere.

    You probably identified with one of the characters, for example Away With the Fairies.

    22. You wore So...? Kiss Me to all your school discos.

    23. You used to save multiple-page texts from your friends if they included little emoticon animals made out of punctuation marks in them.

    But you could only save five texts, so you had to pick the good ones.

    24. And whenever you cast yourselves in your favourite bands, you were Baby in the Spice Girls, Hannah in S Club, and Heidi in the Sugababes.

    John Stillwell / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency
    All Action / EMPICS Entertainment
    Yui Mok / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Because duh.

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