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The 10 Most 2013 Words

Via the Global Language Monitor.

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The Global Language Monitor has announced its top words, phrases and names of 2013.

Having surveyed words used on the Internet, blogs, social media and in over 275,000 forms of print and electronic global media, it has put together a definitive ranking.

To qualify, words, phrases and names must be found globally and have a minimum of 25,000 citations. They must not be limited to a specific profession, social group or geography.

Amongst the top ten phrases are: "toxic politics"; "federal deficit"; and "all time high". Meanwhile, Pope Francis, Kate Middleton, and Edward Snowdon are some of the most mentioned names of the year.

Herewith, the top ten words.



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What does it mean? The Global Language Monitor suggests, "the ‘optic’ is threatening to overtake ‘the narrative’ as the Narrative overtook rational discourse." Your guess is as good as ours.