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21 Photos That Won't Make Sense If You Weren't A Mid-'00s Teen

Emo fringes, Playboy belly rings, and combats.

1. This Myspace profile picture that definitely got loads of "PC4PC" comments.

2. This Playboy belly ring that you begged your mum for but never actually got.

3. These photos that prove dresses should always be paired with flared jeans.

Jessica Alba, Kaley Cuoco, and Hayley Evetts nailed this look.

4. These pink Converse that you knew made you look edgy AF.

5. And these checkered Vans that, for some reason, everyone had to own.

6. Girl Aloud dressed in hoop earrings, combats, and Timberlands.

7. This hairstyle that, no matter how you tried, you simply couldn't re-create.

8. This zigzag parting that took you hours to perfect.

9. These chunky highlights that you had to get a friend to do for you.

10. These concealed lips that you may laugh at now, but you know you wanted in the '00s.

11. All three of these jackets and all three of these belts.

12. These eyebrows that your mum warned you would never grow back.

13. This long cardigan, which made you look ~casual~ but also ~stylish~.

14. Very straight hair that was blonde on the top and black underneath.

15. This look, which made you feel very sexy and alluring.

16. Cady's pink skirt, which you constantly had to pull down to make sure it didn't ride up too high.

17. These Juicy Couture tracksuits that you coveted so hard.

You might have owned a New Look rip-off, and tbh that looked great.

18. Everything about this photograph, from Zoe Saldana's long necklace and hoop earrings to Britney's low bunches and bare midriff.

19. These Von Dutch caps that Kaley Cuoco proves look good with any outfit.

20. These Topshop girl boxers that were not even remotely as comfy as they looked.

21. And literally everything about JoJo's look in this picture.