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38 Myspace Pictures That’ll Take You Right Back To The ’00s

So many side fringes.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best Myspace pictures from the ’00s. Here are some of their responses.

1. "I totally remember editing the 'I love you' in paint."

"I can remember taking this picture: The foot had to be perfect." – Submitted by caseturner

2. "The angst was so real!"

"It wasn’t a good profile pic unless you looked super brooding." – Submitted by dannidanzig

3. "Dear lord the angle from above."

"I am incredibly embarrassed by this photo. But hey, it happened. Side note: The extra long drawn-on eyelashes on one eye was an homage to A Clockwork Orange." – Submitted by yanariisa

4. "The sunglasses indoors...cringeworthy."

– Submitted by colleenhan

5. "Why not take a picture with your favorite breakfast cereal and the horrid duckface to the side?"

– Submitted by madisenh3

6. "Overly bleached hair + blurry webcam = perfect Myspace pic"

– Submitted by sarak4b93798d8

7. "I’m nearly doing duckface here."

– Submitted by gennyb1027

8. "I was so misunderstood and deep."

"I used to be cool – wearing striped gloves inside the house and looking *thoughtful*." – Submitted by laraevalinehayes

9. "Life was so simple back when I thought it was the end of the world if I ran out of eyeliner or if my side part wasn’t straight enough."

– Submitted by feliciamaen

10. "PC4PC?"

"Purple mascara, hot pink walls, and a time stamp." – Submitted by melaniec4a380c8b5

11. "LOL."

– Submitted by jennar4b8e49957

12. "My caption for this was 'Start A Riot In Me, Let’s Start, Start' from Paramore."

– Submitted by Anna Kopsky

13. "One time I pretended to be a scene kid."

– Submitted by Nikki Francois

14. "Sex bands, Oli Sykes-esque writing on the fingers, scene hair, terrible makeup, and an Aeropostale shirt."

– Submitted by kratta95

15. "Sony Ericsson phone editing at its finest."

"This was taken around 2005. I remember taking it for a boy I really, really fancied." – Submitted by katiesaurusd

16. "~So CoOl~."

– Submitted by katieo4b20436e2

17. "Back when I was trying the 'rawr' thing."

"And of course Pokémon is still relevant." – Submitted by ccodonnell0992

18. "Had to get the mirror in the picture!"

– Submitted by katyatatianaa

19. "Please forgive my eyebrows; thin was in at the time!"

– Submitted by katyatatianaa

20. "Cringe."

– Submitted by vivianr4b09520a7

21. "I really thought I was so cool."

– Submitted by brip477d912f8

22. "There's nothing more early ’00s than a duckface and a peace sign."

– Submitted by katelynh4

23. "So much eye makeup."

– Submitted by lizzwurst

24. "*sigh*"

– Submitted by caitling494702e86

25. "Lots of eyeliner, nude lip gloss, and hairspray."

– Submitted by abbey123

26. "Classic mirror pic with flash taken on a digital camera along with writing added via Picnik to alert you to the season it was."

– Submitted by victorias456626736

27. "Red is edgy and cool. Just like 14-year-old me."

"Here I am just wearing my 'I put the fresh in freshman' T-shirt. I figured out that if I covered the flash on my digital camera, then it would make the picture red." – Submitted by msuter

28. "2006 was a bad year for the health of my hair."

"This was back when I was around 16, cared too much about my hair, and was willing to spend hours straightening and back combing it to death." – Submitted by jadash

29. "Showing off how postered up my room was, always wearing a beret and never looking at the camera."

– Submitted by moototherescue

30. "This photo still makes me cringe."

"I must have been about 16 at the time of this photo and seriously into Enter Shikari and Bring Me the Horizon. Not a huge amount has changed, but I definitely don't try as hard anymore!" – Submitted by ChellRose

31. "Oh. Dear. Lord."

– Submitted by aceywilliams

32. "Mahooosive green fringe, panda eyes and quirky bow."

– Submitted by mariadawnj

33. "My Myspace URL was 'emoheartsrok'. Because emo hearts did indeed rok."

"Art." – Submitted by lauralmary

34. "Me during the height of my emo phase."

– Submitted by Brittnee C.

35. "Junior year of high school, featuring my 2004 Nikon Coolpix, my iPod Mini (pre-Nano) days, and taken in the bathroom."

– Submitted by wisesarahe

36. "Really, I have no words for this photo."

– Submitted by laurenh86

37. "I wore that Paramore shirt so much that it got holes in it as opposed to on it."

"Don’t get me started on the copious amount of hairspray I added to my already straightened and layered hair." – Submitted by jenilyns

38. "In my day-to-day life I was known as Christine, but on Myspace I was 'Xtine Xstacy'."

"I had over 10,000 'friends', regularly joined follow trains, and took my profile playlist VERY seriously. I’m 25 now, moved from Orlando to London, and while I still occasionally listen to pop punk, I’m happy to say my scene kid MySpace days are far, far behind me." – Submitted by christinecho

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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