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    39 Emotional Moments From The Olympics That Are Worth Reliving

    London 2012, one year on.

    1. Mo Farah freaking out when he won the 10,000m.

    Michael Steele / Getty Images

    2. And his daughter running onto the track to give him a hug.

    JOHANNES EISELE / Getty Images

    3. The Independent Olympic Athletes having the best time ever at the Opening Ceremony.

    Inlcuding three people from the Netherlands Antilles, which had it’s Olympic Committee dissolved by the IOC, and one from South Sudan, which doesn’t have an Olympic Committee.

    4. David Beckham on a speedboat.

    5. Serena Williams' crip walk after she won her third Olympic gold.

    Which is thought to have been in honour of her sister.

    6. Andy Murray beating Roger Federer on centre court three weeks after losing to him at Wimbledon there.

    Gallo Images / Getty Images

    7. And then winning silver with Laura Robson.

    Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

    8. South African Bert le Clos' interview when his son beat Michael Phelps.

    9. Peter Wilson falling to his knees as he won gold in Clay Pigeon Shooting.

    10. Sir Steve Redgrave helping rower Mark Hunter to his feet, after he collapsed from exhaustion.

    11. Katherine Copeland shouting, "We've just won the Olympics! We're going to be on a stamp!" after winning gold in the women’s lightweight double sculls.

    Harry How / Getty Images

    And they were as well.

    12. Kevin Durant's celebratory shimmy when the US basketball team won gold.

    13. Team GB's Ellie Simmonds winning her second gold medal and breaking her second world record of the games.

    Clive Rose / Getty Images

    14. Germany's Robert Hartling ripping his shirt in half after winning gold in the discus.

    And then hurdling triumphantly round the track.

    Paul Gilham / Getty Images

    15. Usain Bolt dancing with Wenlock.

    PHIL NOBLE / Reuters

    16. And then fist bumping an Olympic volunteer.

    17. And posting a picture of himself with the Swedish handball team at 3am in bed.

    18. And DJing in a Brick Lane club after winning gold.

    The Cultural Expose / Via

    19. Wills and Kate hugging as Team GB's cyclists crossed the finishing line.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    20. Jessica Ennis crying as she won gold in the heptathlon.

    Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

    21. But then looking happier than any human ever.

    Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

    22. Greg Rutherford's gold medal winning jump.

    Stu Forster / Getty Images

    23. Katherine Grainger finally winning gold, after 12 years of taking home silver medals.

    Getty/ POOL
    Getty/ AFP

    24. Liu Xiang hopping up to and kissing the final hurdle before being led away, having pulled his Achilles tendon.

    25. Chris Hoy winning his sixth gold.

    Paul Gilham / Getty Images

    26. Ryan Lochte giving himself a high five after winning two golds, two silvers and a bronze at swimming.

    27. Sarah Attar being the first ever Saudi Arabian woman to take part in the Olympics.

    Bill Frakes / Getty Images

    28. Cyclists Jason Kenny and Laura Trott kissing during the beach volleyball.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    29. Sir Tim Berners-Lee's appearance in the opening ceremony.

    30. Tom Daley's teammates carrying him into the water after he won a bronze medal.

    31. And let's not forget that time Tom Daley lip-synced to Sexy And I Know It.

    32. The Brownlee brothers celebrating after winning gold and bronze medals in the triathlon.

    Paul Gilham / Getty Images

    33. Australian hurdler Sally Pearson's winning reaction.

    34. Sir Bradley Wiggins chilling in a golden throne after winning the Time Trial.

    Alex Livesey / Getty Images
    Alex Livesey / Getty Images

    35. Judoka Gemma Gibbons dedicating her silver medal to her late mother.

    36. Venezuelan fencer Ruben Limardo taking his gold medal on the tube and letting everyone pose for photos with him.

    37. Usain Bolt and Mo Farah copying each other's poses.

    JOHANNES EISELE / Getty Images

    38. Seven young athletes lighting the Olympic flame.

    Including Cameron MacRitchie, Adelle Tracey, Katie Kirk, Desiree Henry, Jordan Duckitt, Aidan Reynolds and Callum Airlie.

    39. And, of course, this moment.