The 25 Most Absurd Moments Of The Olympic Opening Ceremony

In the course of this totally bizarre ceremony, 25 moments stood above the rest.

1. Kenneth Branagh played a fanciful, ever-present British Abe Lincoln, aka British railway engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. (Which is a great name.)

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2. Men in tophats danced.

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3. The Industrial Revolution happened.

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4. Men in tophats did something weird with their hands.

ID: 469571

5. British Abe Lincoln stood in some sort of magic circle.

ID: 469573

6. Suffragists appeared out of nowhere.

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7. Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band showed up in like, the 1800s.

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8. See? Back to the Industrial Revolution.

ID: 469578

9. James Bond showed up to fetch the Queen.

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10. The Royal Corgis helped.

ID: 469580

11. Then they tried to make us think that the Queen jumped out of a plane.

ID: 469583

12. Parachuted, in fact.

ID: 469585

13. The Queen was excited.

ID: 469586

14. Then there was a tribute to the National Health Service, of course.

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15. It involved real-life nurses, dressed up as nurses from some bygone era.

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ID: 469579

16. Also, Mary Poppins(es).

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters
ID: 469570

17. Fighting Voldemort. I swear.

ID: 469595

18. See?

ID: 469601


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20. Mr. Bean played music.

ID: 469604
ID: 469623

22. And then he ran in the Chariots of Fire scene.

ID: 469620
ID: 469625

24. After that, it was the DIGITAL AGE, which, in the eyes of the Olympics, basically involves texting and social media and that’s it. Teens kissed.

ID: 469635

25. And, uh, David Beckham showed up at the end. I’m telling you, it was weird.

ID: 469636

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