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    29 Forgotten Trends All Late-'90s Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

    Smash Hits posters for life.

    1. Crimping your hair within an inch of its life.

    Suzan Moore / EMPICS Entertainment
    Neil Munns / PA Archive/Press Association Images
    PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Mariah, Geri, and Christina knew what looked good.

    2. Begging your mum for jelly shoes before you went on holiday.

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    They gave you blisters because they were much too tight, but you wanted them anyway.

    3. Coveting everything Cher and Dionne wore in Clueless.

    Paramount Pictures

    How did their school uniform look so chic when yours looked so frumpy?

    4. Covering your walls in Smash Hits posters of your favourite bands.

    Twitter: @SmashHits_

    It's OK if you still find Ben from A1 attractive.

    5. Casting your friendship group as the Spice Girls.

    Twitter: @David_Flynn

    Whoever could do the highest kick was obviously Sporty.

    6. And being rightfully outraged when Geri launched her solo career.



    7. Knowing exactly how to win any argument.


    It was either that, or "Talk to the hand..."

    8. Religiously watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Twitter: @David_Flynn

    And praying that one day you'd look like Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    9. Using lots and lots of little clips to tie up your hair.

    David Jones / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency
    John Mather / EMPICS Entertainment
    Adam Wilson / EMPICS Entertainment

    Faye from Steps, Hannah from S Club 7, and Billie Piper nailed this look.

    10. Owning this exact pencil case:

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    Your Pepsi pencil case came just before your Walkers one, which came just before your Playboy one.

    11. Getting hyper from eating too many Opal Fruits and BN BNs at birthday parties.

    You still remember the BN BN theme tune.

    12. Desperately wanting a twin because of these two BFFs:


    The day Asda launched Mary-Kate and Ashley's Walmart clothing line was a happy one.

    13. Owning as much Bang on the Door and Funky Friends stuff as you could possibly get your hands on.

    And doodling them in your homework diary.

    14. Vowing to grow your hair as long as Aldys's in Never Been Kissed.

    Fox 2000 Productions

    And thinking she looked absolutely gorgeous at her prom.

    15. And vowing to dress as cool as Destiny's Child as soon as you were old enough.

    David Westing / EMPICS Entertainment Archive

    πŸ’… πŸ’… πŸ’… πŸ’…

    16. Wearing as much denim as you could get your hands on at all times.

    Ellis O'Brien / All Action
    PA Archive/Press Association
    Peter Jordan / PA Archive/Press Association Image

    Keisha from the Sugababes, B*Witched, and Mel C were your style icons.

    17. Trying to be as much like Sabrina the Teenage Witch as you possibly could, without actually being a witch.


    Coolest. Teen. Ever.

    18. Being outraged by this song's lyrics.


    But singing them really loudly to annoy your parents anyway.

    19. Being unreasonably excited when your mum packed these in your break box.

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    You had a system for eating them, which probably involved biting the heads off first.

    20. Scheduling all your appointments in your Fun Fax.

    You had a busy life to keep track of.

    21. Thinking that Christina Aguilera's hair on this album cover was the most beautiful thing on Earth.


    Tbh you still think it is.

    22. Eating Frubes and Petit Filous for pudding every night.

    Except on a special occasion, when you got to go to McDonald's and have an apple pie.

    23. Watching Top of the Pops every Friday so you could learn All Saints' dance routines.

    John Mather / All Action General

    You wished your friendship group looked this cool.

    24. And being allowed to stay up to watch Friends if you'd been really good.

    Warner Bros.

    You didn't understand all the sex jokes, but you laughed along anyway.

    25. Being totally obsessed with pink fluff because of Britney and Cher.

    Paramount Pictures

    You'd still dress like this if you could get away with it.

    26. Wanting to be as cool as these women when you grew up.

    Matthew Fearn / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency
    Stefan Rousseau / PA Archive/Press Association Images
    NEIL MUNNS / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Zoe Ball, Davina McCall, and Denise van Outen were your idols.

    27. Learning about periods from this book, and being really scared of the weird belt thing:

    Random House

    You didn't realise that tampons became more advanced after this book was written.

    28. And learning everything there was to know about female friendship from this series:

    Apple Paperbacks

    You probably formed your own sleepover club with your BFFs.

    29. And finally: being truly, truly invested in Dawson and Joey's relationship.


    She was soooo pretty.

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