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Every Year Of The '00s, Ranked From Worst To Best

Based mostly on a tracking of Britney's mental health and a scientific round up of celebrity break ups.

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10. 2005.


2005 was a horrible year. Jude Law allegedly cheated on Sienna Miller with their kids' nanny; Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson filed for divorce; Sophia Bush found out Chad Michael Murray had been sleeping with someone else; and Brad left Jen for Angelina. But worst of all, Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton fell out. On the plus side, YouTube was invented, which meant that we could all relive Tom Cruise's meltdown on Oprah.

9. 2007.

A mixed bag of a year. On the one hand, the Spice Girls reformed; Skins started and swiftly became the best teen drama to have existed; and Wills and Kate temporarily broke up. But on the other hand, the last ever Harry Potter book came out; Britney shaved her head and Lindsay Lohan went into rehab three times and was arrested.

8. 2002.

Romeo Beckham was born in 2002, making the world a more stylish place. But Justin and Britney broke up and Will Young robbed Gareth Gates of his rightful Pop Idol crown. Of course, 2002 was also the year that Gareth slept with Jordan and broke every teenage girl's heart.


6. 2008.

2008 signified the end of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's perfect relationship. But then the Sex And The City film came out! But Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand upset Andrew Sachs. But then BRITNEY RELEASED CIRCUS AND SHE WAS BETTER AGAIN PHEWWWW.

5. 2003.

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2003 was a year of ups-and-downs for Britney who famously made out with Madonna, had a fling with Colin Farrell and married Jason Alexander in Las Vegas for 55 hours. It was also the year of The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Lizzie and Gordo finally got together <3.

4. 2000.

2000 was a very good year. Coyote Ugly came out; Sims was released; and Big Brother aired for the first time. It was also the year that the Nokia 3310 was invented and the year the world became sassier, because Willow Smith was born.

3. 2006.

On the surface, 2006 may seem like a bad year because Marissa died in The O.C. and they stopped airing Top Of The Pops on a Friday night. BUT it was also the year that Paris Hilton released "Stars Are Blind", which is indisputably the greatest and most overlooked pop record of its generation.

1. 2004.

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SUCH a good year. JLo and Ben Affleck called it a day which, let's face it, was the right decision. Ashlee Simpson lip synched on Saturday Night Live which was SCANDALOUS. BUT NOT AS SCANDALOUS AS PARIS HILTON'S SEX TAPE! Also Mean Girls came out, we got to see the last episodes of Friends and Sex And The City and Russell Brand rose to fame on Big Brother's Big Mouth. But, most importantly, Facebook launched and we said bye to MySpace Tom.