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This Video Shows Rihanna May Not Have Curved Drake After All

Just a secondary opinion thanks to a secondary angle.

So, by now we should all be familiar with this moment between Rihanna and Drake at the MTV VMAs last night.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Drake got emotional (per usual) while presenting Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and she laughed it off (per usual). It's a dance we've been watching them do for a while now.

MTV / Via

But the dance took a new turn when Drake went in for a kiss. It appeared, especially from this angle, that Rihanna dodged it, leaving the internet to believe that she curved him.

MTV / Via

But thanks to this video circulating the internet, we're getting to look at it from a second angle and it looks a lot less like a curve.

She did kiss him RT @AlessaFenty: 😭😭😭😭😭 #AUBRIH #VMAS

@AlessaFenty / Via Twitter: @Wisdom_98

In fact, it looks like Rihanna may have actually let Drake kiss her on the mouf.

They kissed on the mouf RT @jaccnic: I think I just accidentally took the best video ever...😱 #VMAs @rihanna @Drake


And look at how cute they were after it all. This is not the face of a woman angry that her "friend" kissed her on national television.

So cute 😍 @rihanna @Drake #Aubrih

@ZeeyumloveLarry / Via Twitter: @ZeeyumloveLarry

So sorry to kill the whole "he got curved" narrative but it looks like Drake wins again.

MTV / Via

If anything, Rihanna was probably more nervous about the PDA than actually letting Drake kiss her.

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