Confessions of a post grad lost soul.

Sylvia Kim • 3 years ago

It's amazing how much can change after four years.

Sylvia Kim • 4 years ago

We know! We know! We've heard it all before. But guess what I'm still gonna be an English major after you tell me all the things that's wrong with me for choosing to major in English.

Sylvia Kim • 4 years ago wish you were cool.

Sylvia Kim • 5 years ago

All of you Korean drama junkies, who stay up until dawn purging on episodes of guilty pleasure, have become experts on what to expect in the classic Korean drama...

Sylvia Kim • 5 years ago

For the first, second, and third generation Asian living in America who have all been asked and told the same repetitive questions and comments since birth, this is for you.

Sylvia Kim • 5 years ago