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    18 Dog Posts To Affect Your Week In A Pawsitive Way

    I *NEED* to know who's responsible for the Dog in a Box rap. Immediately.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This lil' nuggo baffled us with his NUGGOCEPTION!!!!!!!

    u/boriswong / Via

    2. HE SCOOT:

    3. These sweet shelter bbs GOT 👏 OPTIONS!!!!!! 👏

    shelter pups picking out their own christmas presents 😭

    4. Just...sound on:

    5. This bulldogini was SICK(!) and TIRED(!!!) of all these "new year, new me" fitness regimens:

    DOGS, BRUH...💪🐶😍🏋️‍♀️😂🤣

    6. This blind pupper was so very grateful!!!!!!!!

    the way my (blind) dog “looks” back at my parents when she realizes she got a big bone for christmas is so 🥺🥺🥺

    7. This service doggo met her Disneyspiration™!!!!!

    ezra, a service dog, got to meet her favorite character stitch (cremedelaezra IG)

    8. This pup played Jenga with focus, balance, and serenity:

    9. THEY HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    excuse me, can i have a hug (redditor : u/PretzelsThirst)

    10. Chris Evans' dogini, Dodger, sported a sweater in reference to his hooman in Knives Out:

    11. Rottie head tilts proved to be paramount to all other head tilts:

    those head tilts are just too adorable (that_rottie_onyx IG)

    12. Léon here got some swéaters:


    This puppy learning to swim is the best video I seen today hands down

    14. And Amanita here DROOOOOO00000000ooooLED over a clementine:

    this is amanita, her favorite snacks are clementines (Anders Oskar Naess)

    15. This lil' pittie unwrapped his Christmas gift!!!!!!!!

    probably the cutest video you'll see today (Alexa Alicandro)

    16. This hunny conducted regular Happiness Check-Ins during his walk (and we can confirm all parties were VERY HAPPY!!!!!):

    my dog likes to check on me to make sure i'm still having a good time on our walk (redditor : u/windowlicker1234)

    17. Esme made herself a homemade Slip 'N Slide!!!!!!!!!!!

    esme has figured out that she can slide when the kitchen floor is wet (shatonem IG)

    18. And lastly? I'll just leave you guys with this:

    When you come back home smelling like another dog: