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38 Pictures That Show Just How Boarded Up Some Of America's Cities Are

...Is America great yet?

With Election Day tomorrow, basically every major city across the US has been boarded up in anticipation of post-election result riots.

A couple walking past boarded up shop windows with anti-Trump graffiti on them

Here are some of the countless pictures and videos people have tweeted from all over the country:

1. New York City:

The world’s largest department store, @Macys on 34th Street in Manhattan boarded up. Against Election Day trouble. This makes me so sad.

New York all boarded up. Stay safe everyone, be cautious but please do vote. Needless to say, don't mail out your votes, go and vote

Stores in midtown Manhattan have boarded up. First time I have seen Macy’s do this. #nyc #ElectionDay2020

2. Los Angeles:

Storefronts in Beverly Hills and along LaBrea Avenue in Los Angeles are being boarded up in anticipation of post-election unrest. This is how Donald Fucking Trump has made America great again. Americans hating each other. Threatening violence if they lose.

Driving through downtown LA...so many businesses boarded up & in the process of boarding up. Same thing happening in Beverly Hills & Santa Monica in anticipation of election night. All 3 areas hit hard by looters & rioters during George Floyd unrest.

Are we a third world country now?! Yikes. RT @CraigNews3LV: Numerous @CityofBevHills businesses are being boarded up ahead of Election Day. #LosAngeles #ElectionDay

3. Washington, DC:

Businesses boarding up in DC ahead of the election.

Take a look at the storefronts boarded up in Washington DC ahead of #Election2020

I don’t remember Washington DC being boarded-up for an election prior to Trump. Let’s take our country back. Vote...

4. San Francisco:

Election day prep I'm San Francisco. A lot of businesses and buildings have boarded up. In case you ever wondered are we better off than 4 years ago. Think about the last time our election day looked like this. Not in my lifetime. That's for sure.

Greetings from San Francisco, where buildings are once again being boarded up in anticipation of riots.

5. Chicago:

And in Chicago’s luxury Lincoln Park, land of multi-million dollar home$, businesses have boarded up. #Election2020 #Chicago #Sunday

@SariReanna Chicago is boarded up too... for the third time since May.

6. Philadelphia:

Thankfully I'm not working pm shift nor the wknd... stores were already being boarded up in center city...

In Philadelphia, boarded up shops and an exhausted, presumably homeless, person. On the election eve, the US has many problems.

7. Boston:

Stores boarded up in #Boston in Downtown Crossing ahead of the election. Very sad to see.

Military police on every corner. Police standing in between. Police motorcycles & humvees circling neighborhoods. Stores & businesses boarded up. Buildings & monuments have been tagged, the Crispus Attucks memorial stands clear. This is Boston, not in 1769 or 1770, but in 2020.

8. Denver:

Downtown Denver boards up as the election arrives in fear of violence if Trump is reelected.

Walking up 14th toward Civic Center Park. All the city buildings - city hall, jail, crime lab - have their lowest windows boarded up. Chainlink fences around courthouse and Denver police headquarters. At least 25 cops guarding DPD HQ.

I'll just let you sit with this tweet now:

When there’s an election in three days and you’re a very healthy country

Please, go out and vote tomorrow if you haven't already. The future is up to us.