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    22 Tweets That Absolutely Obliterated Landlords

    This one's for all the tenants who've suffered ENOUGH!

    DISCLAIMER: I obviously did not write these tweets!!! I simply think they're funny and wanted to share them with you folks. If one of these tweets hits home with you, please be sure to follow the person who tweeted it to ensure that your Twitter feed stays full of funny jokes that drag landlords. THAT'S ALL!!!!!!!!!

    Nickelodeon /


    Landlords be like “it’s an old building” alright then I’ll pay old rent, here’s 20 bucks it’s a fortune

    Twitter: @EternalDago


    My landlord is obsessed w rent that was due literally weeks ago ? Move on babe

    Twitter: @gossipbabies


    Depop resellers Landlords 🤝 no real job and stealing from the poor

    Twitter: @xoxtwilightluvr


    Credit scores are astrology for landlords

    Twitter: @personallyrich


    LANDLORDS: give us money so we can maintain the house TENANTS: okay TENANTS: can you fix the blinds or the chairs or the window lock LANDLORDS: no

    Twitter: @concheyes


    can u imagine if someobody privatized air and literally started selling air for profit that would be crazy lol anyway i gotta go pay my water bill before my landlord kicks me out of my apt

    Twitter: @jazz_inmypants


    love it when landlords say you can't sign a lease until you have a job. you first babe ❤️

    Twitter: @bugposting


    landlords really dont deserve rights

    Twitter: @memehoer


    first email to landlord: “hey dave I’m sure you’re busy and I hate to be a bother but we noticed...” third email to landlord: “Mr. Whittington—I trust that you’re familiar with all local, state, and federal ordinances regarding the rights and expectations of tenants pursuant t

    Twitter: @calebsaysthings


    there should be a group that pairs white women who love to complain with exploited tenants who need to fight with their landlords

    Twitter: @BrandyLJensen


    landlords really want us paying full price for February. FEBRUARY. Lmao grow up.

    Twitter: @molly7anne


    Centrists: C’mon, folks. Stop being mean to landlords. They have human empathy, just like the rest of us. Landlords:

    Twitter: @sable_sonya


    even the title landlord is so DUMB. “”lord”” of the “”land”” 💀 pack it up farquaad

    Twitter: @bymeg


    landlords are addicted to being like I have given you the ugliest fucking cabinets in the world & if u do anything to them I’ll kill u

    Twitter: @steph_mcca


    yes id like the landlord special please

    Twitter: @smallestslime


    I lost my job bc of the virus and emailed my landlord asking if they’re doing anything to help their residents during this time and she had the audacity to tell me to........... just get another job ........................................

    Twitter: @greenbeangrrl


    Twitter: @bagelpicbot


    Y’all, does my landlord think he’s being “relatable” and “cool” with this or....??

    Twitter: @ancillarytext


    insead of paying rent we should just clap for landlords instead. if its good enouth for nuses landlords should have no issue getting by on it.

    Twitter: @jkmurcury9


    Even the name “landlord” don’t sound right...lord of the land? Says who??

    Twitter: @yungskuntebony


    my landlord just interrupted me with the phrase “i know you’re about to start rambling about the mayor’s guidelines and your rights”

    Twitter: @bugposting


    A dating app but it helps people find their landlord's other tenants so they can organize a rent strike

    Twitter: @hilaryagro