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Here's What The Olympic Village Is Really Like, According To This Rugby Player's TikTok

They've got a two-floor cafeteria, an entertainment center, and so much more!

Ever wondered what it's like to stay in the Olympic Village? Well, thanks to Tokyo 2020 being our first Games since the invention of TikTok, athletes are now giving us an ✨inside look✨!!!!!!!

One Olympian, USA Rugby player Cody Melphy, posted a TikTok where he showed us around the whole shabang.

Apparently the apartments where the different teams are staying are decorated for their specific countries?!?!?!?!

Okay, CUTE!!! 💅✨

The outside of the apartments for Argentina and Italy

And of course, he showed us the inside of the apartments, which feature none other than the infamous Cardboard Anti-Sex Beds™:

A twin-size bed with Tokyo 2020 written on the comforter and a fan on the floor

There are also cute lil' team hangout rooms:

Which are clearly stocked to the brim with Coca-Cola products — go off sponcon!!!!!!!!

And it seems like these Coca-Cola vending machines are just about everywhere, and athletes can access them with their ✨Olympic key fob✨:

The cafeteria seems absolutely WILD. First off, it's TWO 👏 WHOLE 👏 FLOORS 👏:

Cody literally made a whole other TikTok just showing us around the cafeteria:

They have so many different food stations: pizza, pasta, noodles, name it.

They even have a whole station dedicated to gluten-free and vegetarian dietary needs!!!!!!!!

And it looks DAMN GOOD.

A plate filled with noodles, sushi, and egg rolls

The cafeteria also has update boards that show how full each area is so that athletes can use COVID-safe precautions. We love to see it!!!

Oh, and there are SELF-DRIVING CARS(??!?!?!!!!) that just casually take Olympians around the Village 😌:

But apparently they still stick to the classics* when on the way to their events:

A line of buses

They've even got their own in-house laundry service:

And because Cody is well aware that the people want their #olympicscontent, he made another TikTok that shows the Entertainment Center, where you can hang out with athletes from other countries!!!

It has table tennis, arcade games, and TVs — where you can watch the Olympics. Not too shabby!!!

And when all is said and done, they get to go back to their rooms where they have GORGEOUS VIEWS OF TOKYO!!!!!!!!!!

Damn. The Olympians are LIVING 👏 LARGE!!!!!!!!!! 👏

Anyway, everyone say, "Thank you, Cody!!!!!!!" and "Good luck and thank you for the A+ content, king!!!!!!"