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23 Wholesome Stories From Commuters That'll Brighten Your Day

"The journey's all about getting there." —Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Getting There (2002)

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2. Not-so-Secret Admirer

"I had just dyed my hair red and I was really nervous for my co-workers to see. But when I was stuck at a stoplight about a block from work, I heard this kid yell, 'Hey! Hey! I really love your hair!' He continued to ask me about it at the next light too because he was a cosmetology student! The exchange was so pure and genuine and made me feel so much more confident!" —amieanneroselandk

3. High School Reunion

"I was on the train home from work when I noticed a cute guy who was standing up to get off the train. Ten seconds later, I heard someone say my name. I looked up, and it was the cute guy. Turned out it was my high school boyfriend! Five years later, we own a house together, a dog, and we just welcomed our first child! Being on a different train car that day truly changed my life in the best way!" —marieb7


4. Cupcakes > Air Guitars

"One morning, a local radio show I listen to said they we're giving away free 'air guitars'. It was on my way, so I decided to stop to see what they were talking about. Turned out it was April Fool's Day and they just wanted to see how many listeners would stop for 'air guitars'. Instead, they gave away free cupcakes to anyone that came by!" —daniellet4e464cff0

5. Birthday Bus

"One morning, my bus driver was chatting with a rider and found out it was his birthday, so she made the whole bus sing. One guy beatboxed and one guy added a rap!" —natalief13

6. Gettin' Money on These Streets

"Last week I found a $100 bill on the sidewalk! Made my whole damn week." —eileenb4846913d3

7. Hall & "Oh, You Guys!"

"It was a beautiful day, so I had the windows rolled down and blasted 'Private Eyes' by Hall & Oates. When it came to the part in the chorus where the claps are, two young men stopped next to me at a red light clapped along in solidarity to the '80s tune. It made my day!" —dariav45d8bfc94


8. Picture-Perfect Proposal

"I️ walk through the park on my way home from work sometimes, and one day, this guy stopped me and asked if I️ would take a picture of him and his girlfriend. As I️ was getting ready to take the picture, he got down on one knee and proposed to her!" —msweeney818

9. Working Mom

"I commute on the bus with my daughter every day. She’s really little, not even a year old yet. Most of the time she’s smiling or people-watching or sleeping, but this one day she was just not feeling the commute. She was screaming and crying and flailing around. Instead of shooting me nasty glares or moving away from us, several strangers on the bus started waving and making funny faces and cheering her up. It made me feel like my city and the people in it were on my team and supporting me." —laurenh4bfe0367d

10. Survivors

"I was just in my own world at the bus stop when this girl looked over and noticed the semicolon tattoo on my wrist, which represents hope and love for those dealing with depression, self-harm, and/or suicidal thoughts. She asked about it, and I told her my wife and I each had one. She smiled and showed me that she had the same tattoo. She went on to explain that, at the time of her suicide attempt, her best friend helped her get her life back together, and eventually, they became a couple and were currently engaged to be married. I explained my story and my wife's and how that helped us become stronger. She then said that she met people with the semicolon, she just wanted to give them a hug. I smiled, we hugged, and I wished her luck with her marriage. When I told my wife the story, she had the brightest smile on her face too." —scottaaronm


11. Giving Your Day a Porpoise

"One morning, I was really struggling. But when I drove over the big three mile bridge as the sun was rising, and a pack of dolphins jumped out of the water! I had the best day that day!" —emilyh4b0ade4cf

12. Bumper-to-Bumper Bop-It

"I once saw a girl playing with a Bop-It in stop and go traffic. She was driving."


13. The Day That Blew Chunks

"On my way to work one morning, I totaled my car and had to get a ride to and from work. My friend agreed to give me a ride home after hearing what had happened and seeing how down I was. Then on our drive home, the driver in front of us opened his door, projectile vomited onto the street, and then closed the door like nothing happened. My friend and I sat there for a few moments, stunned at what we'd just witnessed, then we laughed loudly for the first time all day." —marcr42933bb91


14. Ticket for Ticket

"On a commuter train to Chicago for a day trip, there was a guy who had no cash and was told he had to get off at the next stop. He was stressing because he too was on his way to work. I felt for the guy, so I paid for his ticket. He profusely thanked me and said he’d repay me when we got to a Union Station ATM. I assured him it was unnecessary, but he wouldn’t let me go without repaying me somehow. He explained that he worked at a radio station and offered me two of his promotional tickets to see Hanson in concert. So I ended up seeing my favorite '90s band in concert!!!" —carissaf4996ec66c

15. "BEYONCÉ?! IN THE SKY?!?!?!?!"

"I live in Houston, and the day Beyoncé and Jay-Z had their twins, I saw a banner plane flying around the city with a congratulatory message on it!" —alejandramaran

16. Little Acts, Long Hours

"Nothing major, but I used to work long hours and I'd fall asleep standing in a crowded train. On more than one occasion, people — men and women alike — offered their seats to me after seeing how very tired I was. Those little acts of kindness reminded me of how good people can be." —willievergettoseeyou


17. Bus Savior

"At my last job, I rode the bus. I had the same bus driver each afternoon I left work. When I got on the bus, a man kept bothering me and saying really inappropriate things. I moved to the front of the bus and told the driver. She made the man get off and then drove me to my house that was miles away!!! She's my hero!" —christianah42340e9db

18. Comm(UNITY!!!!!!!!)

"One morning, my bus stopped for a man in a wheelchair. The bus driver jumped out with a couple random businessmen and took the ramp down for the man and helped buckle him into the handicapped seating. Some teenagers even helped clear the way for him. Everyone working together warmed my heart!" —kendrajeans

19. My Favorite Podcast

"I discovered podcasts on my commute! I started with My Favorite Murder and ventured out from there. Nothing like a true crime podcast to make a commute fly by!" —mandy871209


20. Low (Priced) Rider

"The day before I started a new job, my car got towed. I had to have a friend drive me to my first day. Since my friend worked late, at the end of the day I had to take a cab to the tow lot, which was all the way across town. During the drive, I called my mom and told her what had happened. After I hung up with her, the cab driver pulled into the tow lot and refused to let me pay for the very expensive cab ride. He told me I deserved a little boost after such a crappy week. What an angel." —psychicmuppet

21. Song From a Stranger

"After a pretty shitty day, I was waiting for the subway home from work. Noticing I looked upset, a street performer asked me what my favorite song was and played it for me. It helped a lot." —kelbell63

22. iFound Your iPhone

"Walking home from work one day, I noticed an iPhone on a bench. Seeing that it had clearly been left there on accident, I picked it up and waited for the owner to call. Eventually she did, and it turned out she lived in my hometown and her husband's uncle dated my mom in high school! And the best part? When I returned her phone, she gave me a VERY nice bottle of champagne!" —sydrobinson1

23. Dr. Seuss on the Caboose

"I'm currently on the train, commuting home from work, and I'm standing next to a little kid with his dad who are reading a Dr. Seuss book together. The dad keeps pointing at words and asking his son what it says. It's so sweet." —ickyricki

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