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    18 Haircuts That'll Make You Say, "Terrible Idea, But Brilliant Execution" I need a Kim K. fade?!

    1. This very hands-on ~lewk~:

    u/MajorTomintheTinCan / Via

    2. This Mario masterpiece:

    u/kismethavok / Via

    3. This courtside situation:

    u/yanReynoldsWrap / Via

    4. This sweet Louis Vuitton purse/scalp collab:

    u/Mainmeowmix / Via

    5. This uncanny Donald Trump fade:

    u/BlobExpert / Via

    6. This very literal interpretation of "eyes on the back of your head":

    u/BrownianMowtion / Via

    7. This religious silhouette fade and reverse fade:

    u/naoaguentomais / Via

    8. This reptilian-inspired mohawk:

    u/Flare200 / Via

    9. This ~tribute~:

    u/kaysemeow / Via

    10. This proud homage to baseball:

    u/BigSpicy69 / Via

    11. 😎😎😎:

    u/nokplz / Via

    12. This Kim K. with an ever-so-slight lazy eye:

    u/GoodTwin94 / Via

    13. This warthog-mohawk moment:

    u/kLOsk / Via

    14. This disproportionate-yet-artistically-sound buzz:

    u/creamy1talian / Via

    15. The "Balding but with Fresh Ass Edges":

    u/tim3lymann3r / Via

    16. ..........This:

    u/WildLudicolo / Via

    17. This group effort that I thoroughly despise:

    u/Lilslysapper / Via

    18. And lastly, this doggo with a scorpion butt:

    u/rossi6464 / Via

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