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    28 Drunk Tattoos That'll Make You Smile, Cringe, And Probably Never Drink Again

    Beware the infamous "Drink & Ink."

    Sooooooo we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the funniest tattoos they got while they were drunk, and — just as I suspected —THEY'RE AMAAAAAAZING. Here are some of our favorites!!!!!!!

    (DISCLAIMER: I also found a few of these bad boys on the internet and thought they were so breathtaking that we needed to feature them too. JSYK!)


    "I got Waldo from Where's Waldo? because people have literally been searching for him forever — Surprise! He’s on my right ass cheek!" —kelseyl440389c8a


    "Guess it's time to shame the night I got this done in Tenerife." —kellie_rose93


    "Bloody 'toe' truck!" —poole14



    "The little text on my thigh is the word 'the'. I did it myself at the kitchen table one night when I'd given up on studying for an exam and started drinking instead." —lorvikk


    "Fueled by Jim Beam. In honor of my dog, Whiskey." —mollyh4895802e9


    "My friend and I got this maple leaf on our right asscheeks after a drunken night at a horror movie convention. We had made a deal with a group of Canadians to get said tattoos in exchange for a gallon of fresh maple syrup, and I never break a promise, even if it's a drunk one. (Plus, I mean, a gallon of fresh maple syrup?! Why wouldn't you do it?!) That friend of mine passed away this year from cancer, so our maple leaf is something I'll never get covered." —corellaw




    "My friend and I got divorced within a month of each other. To ‘celebrate’, we went to Amsterdam for the weekend. At some point, we decided it was a wonderful idea to get matching tulip tattoos! They’re so dodgy and poorly done, but I smile every time I see mine because it reminds me of the awesome time we had!" —maryn4e5bffdac


    "The three of us were in New Orleans and we decided to get matching tattoos of a freckle. We think it's the freck'n bomb." —meganmstoddart


    "What an odd night..." —awoods387


    "Tic Tac Toe anyone?" —jenniferr44d22a2d2


    "When you’re 17 and you think whiskey and vodka is gonna be a great addition to your night... Yeah, I’ve never been one for making the best decisions." —thegrayfamily12



    "Bobby from King of the Hill!" —danielles63


    "A permanent reminder of a rough patch where I was drinking way too much. Surprisingly enough, I actually like it." —eriny4b07edf30


    "I paid $20 for this masterpiece. It’s legitimately one of my favorites just because it’s so ridiculous." —carinaw4997f70cf



    "I have Bimbo Bear eating a hot dog on my butt!" —mattb4e75f7591



    "After one too many mimosas at Sunday brunch, my best friend and I decided to get matching avocado tattoos. We played rock, paper, scissors to see who got the seed." —mackenziea453883cdd


    "I went to Vegas, got piss drunk, and some girl paid for me to get this tattoo." —spiely101


    "I got this tattoo of the sun and moon guys from Kid Cudi's 'Day 'N' Nite' music video, along with an unfinished stormtrooper that looks more like a Ninja Turtle." —acapulcgoldd3


    "This was supposed to be the Lowrider guy, but it really just looks like a sad face with sunglasses and a hat. Or my father-in-law." —breanna1989carr


    "This is a stick and poke my friend did on my ribs when we were drunk." —kamilal3


    "'LIVE LYFE' spelled with a 'Y' because I thought it would be cool and different. It was my first tattoo." —breanna1989carr


    "My best friend and I were drunk and got #YOLO on our asses. It’s actually kind of touching though — she had just beaten cancer (ovarian, hence the teal ink). While she had cancer, we always said '#YOLO' to one another a little jokingly about making the choices we really wanted to make. We got the hashtag in front because we wanted it to be a truly bad tattoo. (Don’t mind the dry skin and underwear marks. It’s cold out and I’ve been sitting on my butt for three hours.)" —katelynnen

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