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People Are Sending Each Other Voice Messages On Dating Apps, And As You May Have Expected, It's WILD

"Whoever came up with this update needs to go to jail."

So, IDK if you're on ✨the dating apps✨ or not, but regardless, you should be made aware of this new lil' update several of them have got goin' on.

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It's the update that nobody wanted but we all needed: VOICE 👏 MESSAGES. 👏

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And let's just say, people are, really, uhh...doing the absolute MOST with them.

These new voice prompts on Hinge are just…. Wild.

Twitter: @meagswalsh

Hinge is one app that recently added the feature, and for some, it's been pleasantly wholesome!

not me sending a guy from hinge a voice message and warning him that i talk a lot and him saying that i have a nice voice so he’ll happily join the podcast

Twitter: @outerspacealina

For others, wholesomely...weird!!!

been talking to this scottish guy i met on hinge and we voice message each other bc accents are sexy and he called me out bc i’ve now said “shrek is love shrek is life” to him over me 3 times and i...i just wish i wasn’t like this...

Twitter: @but_i_mean

People are even posting their ✨best voice message finds✨ on TikTok, and sure enough, deliver they do!!!!!!!!!

The gay dating app Grindr has had voice messages for a while now, and, umm........

The Grindr man who sent me a voice message saying "Luke I am yer daddy, let me suck your lightsaber"

Twitter: @PureGrand

To quote the incomparable Natasha Bedingfield, people are *TRULY* releasing their inhibitions. Exhibit A:

i asked this grindr guy to send a voice message of him moaning. i can now die in peace 🕊

Twitter: @itsjessxcvi_

And Exhibit B:


Twitter: @fourlokokingg

Some people are using the update to show off their "talents":

Others, to ICONICALLY mess with their matches:

hoping my hinge voice prompt pisses off the right men

Twitter: @gabby_frost

And to perform their little bits, which are honestly A+:

I’m enjoying these Hinge voice prompts 🤷🏼‍♀️

Twitter: @CocoKnowsItAll

Regardless, dating app voice messages are bringing some of us endless hours of entertainment...

...and striking cold, hard fear in the hearts of others:

you don’t know true fear until you’re sent a voice message on grindr

Twitter: @not_clavin

Either way, a big thanks to the apps for giving us this Content™. It's a nice distraction from the horror that is online dating. 😌

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  1. I'm curious: How do you feel about dating app voice messages?

    I'm curious: How do you feel about dating app voice messages?

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I'm curious: How do you feel about dating app voice messages?
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