23 Wedding Details That Are So Personal And Soooo Perfect

    "My mother was the florist and included hydrangeas from my childhood home in all the arrangements."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what the sweetest, most personal details they included in their weddings were. Here are some of our favorite answers:

    1. Bouquets made of book pages

    "I made paper flower bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids using printed-out pages from all of our favorite books! Mine were from Harry Potter!"


    2. Lemon tree party favors

    "My now-husband's family were citrus farmers, so we gave all our guests baby lemon trees as party favors. It's been amazing to see pictures of all the big ol' trees they have grown into!"


    3. Personalized road signs

    4. Used book centerpieces

    "I'm an English teacher and my partner and I both love literature, so our centerpieces were used books! We also named tables after authors: the Hemingway table, the Bukowski table, the Dostoyevsky table, etc. The books were also our favors and people were encouraged to take them home at the end of the reception!"


    5. A ~cymbal~ of love

    6. A dried flower from every bouquet

    "I saved a flower from every bouquet my now-husband gave me while dating. I dried them, and I'm planning on tucking them into my bouquet for our wedding."


    7. Cork name plates — with a history

    "We had about 60 guests at our wedding — family and close friends only. We collected corks from all the wine bottles we drank with each and every one of them over the years. We then used those corks as name card holders as a way to include them in our celebration and to show our appreciation of their friendship!"


    8. A dog's leash for handfasting

    "My friends did a handfasting ceremony for their wedding, and instead of using the traditional cords, they used their dog's leash to bind them together."


    9. A sentimental sign

    "My mother made a sign with my and my husband's names and our wedding date on it from a piece of wood from the walnut tree that my parents were married under. We displayed it at our wedding and it meant so much."


    10. Disney theme park music

    "We both love Disney, but didn’t want to have a total Disney wedding. Instead, we played the background music that's always being played throughout the theme parks while guests were sat at the ceremony. Our nerdy Disney families totally got the joke, and everyone else just thought it was regular music!"


    11. Themed ring bearer outfits

    "My husband is a firefighter, so instead of the usual flower girl/ring bearer combo, we had our two nephews walk down the aisle in themed outfits — my oldest nephew dressed as a firefighter and my youngest nephew wore a Dalmatian puppy costume!"


    12. Day of the Dead salt shaker cake toppers

    13. Flower girl mom

    "My mother was our flower girl. She's always shown me the way in life, and so I asked her to sprinkle some love for me. She sobbed all the way down the aisle!"


    14. Flowers from a childhood home

    "My mother was the florist and included hydrangeas from my childhood home in all the arrangements."


    15. Photos of loved ones who passed on

    16. Irish euro cufflinks

    "For our wedding, I got my husband a pair of cufflinks made from a 1-cent Irish euro coin since we got engaged in Ireland. The coin was even from the year we first started dating!"


    17. Military dog tags

    "Since the military has played such a big part in my husband's and my relationship, I decided to wrap his dog tags around my bouquet."


    18. A ring box made from a backyard tree limb

    19. A cake decorated with dogwood blossoms

    "On one of our first dates, my now-husband and I were taking a long walk, just talking and enjoying each other's company. We'd been friends for a long time and were figuring out how to transition to more than that. As we passed under this gorgeous dogwood tree, he reached up and grabbed a blossom and said, 'A flower for my flower.' Suffice it to say that dogwood has been a big thing in our relationship. Four years later, while designing our wedding cake, I had the baker cover it in fondant dogwood blossoms."


    20. A late uncle's cake recipe

    "My wedding cake was made with my late uncle's chocolate Bundt cake recipe. He passed away just after our engagement. Not only did it make me cry, but everyone said it was the best wedding cake they'd ever had!"


    21. Hand-painted cake toppers

    22. Shoe charms of parents who passed away

    "My parents both died of cancer when I was 22. When I got married at 30, I attached charms with their photos in them to my wedding shoes so they could walk me down the aisle."


    23. And a family cookbook

    "For our wedding, we collected recipes from our relatives and created a family cookbook. This along with a small jar of homemade apple butter — made with apples from the tree in my yard — were the guest favors."


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