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What's The Sweetest, Most Personal Detail You Included In Your Wedding?

Everyone loves a personalized cake topper!!!!!!!!!!

Did you plan your wedding down to the tiniest, sweetest, and most personal detail?!

If so, we wanna know what these special lil' ~personal touches~ were!!!

Like maybe you and your significant other decided to use cake toppers of your dogs on your wedding cake!!!

Or perhaps you two met while working at a summer camp, and so you opted to have your nuptials there!

Maybe you wrote a special note for each member of your wedding party and used it as either the wrapping on their bouquets or the pocket squares for their tuxes.

Or maaaaaybe as part of the decor, you hung up maps that marked the specific locations of your relationship milestones!!!

Whatever personalized details you guys went for, we want to hear about them! Please leave a short description — and any pictures, if you have some — in the DropBox below. Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!!!!