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    22 Couples Halloween Costumes That Are Actually Really Cute And Not At All Cringey

    Congrats to these couples for not being cringey on Halloween!

    1. Moana and her, like, oar thing:

    2. This tornado and its radar 💖:

    3. These two lil' green soldiers!!!!!!

    Because I’m still in awe from how my brother and his girlfriend came for Halloween

    Twitter: @EbonyJenae_

    4. Bob Ross and his ✨pièce de résistance✨:

    Twitter: @kahlyiles

    5. This expecting mom and her baby name choice 💖:

    Twitter: @mfbenji

    6. This *BRILLIANT* nightmare from many of our childhoods:

    7. This couples costume to end all couples costumes!!!!!!!!!!

    8. The twins from The Shining, of course:

    9. #filter vs. #nofilter!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. TV's first interracial kiss!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    11. These two Lord of the Rings lovers:

    12. Juno and Paulie Bleeker, a forever classic!!!!!!

    13. This iconic ode to Stranger Things:

    14. This stunning Lilo & Stitch homage!!!!!!!!!!!

    cutest couples costume you'll see all year

    Twitter: @sleepy_fvck

    15. A plague doctor and an anti-vaxxer, naturally:

    16. "French Kiss":

    17. Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat!!!!!!!!!

    18. This Star Wars moment that will go down in history:

    19. The Emperor's New Groove, complete with head pieces 😌:

    20. This expert-level makeup take on The Nightmare Before Christmas:

    21. FIRMLY 👏 GRASP 👏 IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    22. And lastly, these Lego spouses!!!!!!!!!

    What's been your best couples costume ever??? Leave a pic in the comments below!!!

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