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    This Corgi Was Photoshopped Into Movie Posters, And Now I Need 18x24s Of All Of Them

    *pries Oscar from Brad Pitt's clammy hands and gives it to this corgi*

    This is Maxine, and as you can see, she's a *VERY* fluffy corgi.

    Well, last year, Maxine went viral when her pawrents photoshopped her into all the different movie posters from 2019!

    Soooooooo...THEY DID IT AGAIN THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Without further ado, here are their posters for 2020!!!!!!!!!

    Once Upon a Time in Fluffywood, aka Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:

    Bryan Reisberg, Sony Pictures

    Paracorg, aka Parasite:

    Bryan Reisberg, ‎Barunson E&A

    Maxine's Story, aka Marriage Story:

    Bryan Reisberg, Netflix

    Unfluffed Corgs, aka Uncut Gems:

    Bryan Reisberg, A24

    Max, aka Us:

    Bryan Reisberg, Monkeypaw Productions

    Maxsommar, aka Midsommar:

    Bryan Reisberg, Square Peg

    Corgi v Ferrari, aka Ford v Ferrari:

    Bryan Reisberg, Chernin Entertainment

    The Doghouse, aka The Lighthouse:

    Bryan Reisberg, A24

    Corgi, aka Joker:

    Bryan Reisberg, Warner Bros. Pictures

    Fluffies, aka Hustlers:

    Bryan Reisberg, Gloria Sanchez Productions

    And lastly, Maxine Is My Name, aka Dolemite Is My Name:

    Bryan Reisberg, Netflix

    *Me and my friends with our collective $2.10 going to fund all of these remakes*

    For more #CorgiliciousContent, be sure to follow Maxine on Instagram!!!

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