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    This Corgi's Owners Photoshopped Her Into Movie Posters And Now I'm Eagerly Awaiting Her Film Debut

    I'd like to thank the Academy, and this corgi.

    This is Maxine, a very fluffy corgi who lives in NYC with some incredibly creative hoomans.

    Being huge movie fans, Maxine's parents decided to photoshop her into some of this year's biggest movie posters!

    So for reference, here's the original A Star Is Born poster:

    Warner Bros.

    Now, here's Maxine's!!!!!!!!

    Bryan Reisberg

    Here's their take on Black Panther, or Fluffy Corgi, rather:

    Bryan Reisberg, Marvel

    A Splashy Place, aka A Quiet Place:

    Bryan Reisberg, Paramount Pictures

    Bohemian Rhapsody:

    Bryan Reisberg, Twentieth Century Fox

    Beautiful Boy:

    Bryan Reisberg, Plan B Entertainment

    Eighth Grade:

    Bryan Reisberg, A24

    The Nun:

    Bryan Reisberg, New Line Cinema


    Bryan Reisberg, Esperanto Filmoj

    Mission: Impossible — Fallout:

    Bryan Reisberg, Skydance Media

    Cold War:

    Bryan Reisberg, British Film Institute

    Sorry to Bother You:

    Bryan Reisberg, Significant Productions

    First Reformed:

    Bryan Reisberg, Killer Films

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?:

    Bryan Reisberg, Tremolo Productions

    To keep up with Maxine and her movie-inspired adventures, be sure to follow her on Instagram!!!

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