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    We Tried Iced Coffee From 9 Major Cafés And Restaurants — Here's The One We Hated And The Two We Loved

    All iced coffees are NOT created equal.

    Okay, so I know everyone typically has their coffee allegiances — specifically, ye olde Starbucks vs. Dunkin' debate — so I thought it would be fun to see if people would actually still prefer their faves...even without knowing which was which.

    Well, I'm Syd, and because of all this, I wanted to take this idea a step further and taste-test all the iced coffees from popular chain cafés/restaurants!

    Headshot of the writer

    With that, I rounded up these nine popular chain iced coffees for the participants to try:

    The nine numbered plastic cups of iced coffee in a row

    To make sure no one knew which coffee was which, I took each coffee and poured it into an unlabeled cup, numbering the cups 1 through 9.

    Like so:

    Five cups of coffee in cups with the BuzzFeed logo in front of a label reading "1"

    While we ordered all the coffee black, I did let the participants prepare their coffee however they liked if they wanted to, and supplied the following milk/milk alternatives and sweeteners:

    Cartons of oat milk and almond milk, a jug of 1% low-fat milk, and packages of other milk substitutes

    Now here are my coworkers who opted to try the iced coffees, along with their personal coffee preferences in their day-to-day lives. This is Hannah!

    A smiling woman wearing a sweater

    Then this is Jon-Michael, and these are his coffee preferences:

    A smiling man sits outside at a table with a plate of food in front of him

    This is Tessa:

    A serious-looking woman gazes at the camera

    And lastly, we have Jen!

    A smiling woman wearing a mock turtleneck sweater holds a plastic cup of coffee

    So without further ado, here are all the iced coffees they rated, how much the little suckers cost, and what they thought.

    Iced coffee #1: Starbucks ($4.25 for a large, aka venti).

    Iced coffee #2: Dunkin' ($4.98 for a large).

    Iced coffee #3: McDonald's ($3.49 for a large).

    Iced coffee #4: Peet's Coffee ($4.65 for a large).

    Iced coffee #5: La Colombe ($4.25 for one size).

    Iced coffee #6: Blue Bottle ($6 for a large).

    Iced coffee #7: Wendy's ($2.89 for a small).

    Iced coffee #8: Taco Bell (99 cents for a small).

    Iced coffee #9: Krispy Kreme ($2.59 for a small).

    So, what's the overall verdict? Which iced coffee is the best, and which is so gross that they almost couldn't fathom it?!?!?!!

    As for LEAST favorite, here are the stats:

    Graphic with the question "And lastly, which coffee was your LEAST favorite"? with coffee #8 getting 50% of votes, and #6 and #7 getting 25% each

    So the worst by FAR was Taco Bell. We hate to see it!!!

    Taco Bell coffee cup with a big X across it

    And as for the overall FAVORITE...??? People, we have a TIE!!!!!!

    Graphic with question "Which coffee was your overall favorite?" showing #1 and #5 at 50% each


    Arrow with text "Sooo good" pointing to Starbucks cup and "Mmmmm!!" pointing to La Colombe

    Still, when we add up all of the participants' numerical rankings, THIS is what it came down to...drum roll, PLS!!!!!!!!!!

    Overall ranking from worst to best: Taco Bell, Blue Bottle, Dunkin', Wendy's, Krispy Kreme, McDonald's, Peet's, La Colombe, Starbucks

    Wow, how about it! Sure, everyone's iced coffee opinions were pretty different, but I'm so glad we were able to reach a verdict that Starbucks and La Colombe slap and Taco Bell's coffee is BOGUS!!!

    Do you feel morally obligated to defend your coffee chain allegiance? And is Starbucks or Dunkin' better? Please, by all means, sounds off in the comments below!!!