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14 Musicians You Should Seriously Start Paying Attention To, Like, Right Now

*queues all songs expeditiously*

Have you been absolutely foaming at the MOUTH for some good new music?! Well, lucky for you, I've rounded up 14 artists who I'm super, super excited about and think you should be too. Check them out!!!!!!!!



2. Remi Wolf


4. Pale Waves

5. Samia

6. Dijon

7. Leikeli47

I first discovered Leikeli47 when I saw the movie Booksmart and a couple of her songs were in it. Her music is infectious and will always amplify your mood by, like, 100,000%. My personal favorite song is "Money," which will convince you that you're the baddest bitch society has ever seen — and I mean that. Honorable mention goes to "Post That," an ode to posting thirst traps on social media. IDK what else to say...I just f*cking love Leikeli47!!!!!!!!

For fans of: Princess Nokia, Tierra Whack

Song to start with: "Money"

8. Lido Pimienta

9. Tomberlin

10. The Beths

11. VanJess

12. Trousdale

13. Talker

And conveniently, here's a playlist of all these artists!!! Enjoy and happy listening! 💖