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    I Had Literally No Idea Ariana Grande And Cardi B Are The Same Age And I'm Quite Literally Flabbergasted


    So you know Cardi...

    ...and you know Ariana.

    And thanks to a tweet from Lauren Milici, you now know that Cardi and Ariana are THE SAME AGE!!!!!!!!!!

    the fact that Ariana Grande and Cardi B are the same age is a lot to process

    And BASICALLY, all of Twitter's like:


    According to Wikipedia, both performers are only 25 ๐Ÿ‘ YEARS ๐Ÿ‘ OLD. ๐Ÿ‘ /

    (Yeah okay, Cardi B's only 25 for another month, but as of right now, they're both 25!!!!!!!!)

    IDK about you, but most of Twitter thought Cardi was older than Ariana.

    (Cardi stans were not pleased.)


    But THANKFULLY, someone brought up this damn good point that not only does Ariana look young, but we also grew up watching her in a kids show, so we def associate her with being younger:

    Not to worry, though: Brian here swung in and defused the tension:

    I mean, whatevs โ€” I just didn't realize they were the same age and I think this is an interesting lil' factoid. No shade!!!!!!!!