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    16 Reasons Cardi B. Is A Gift From The Reality TV Gods

    We don't deserve her.

    VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York has given us a lot this season.


    But it's greatest gift is bringing Cardi B. into our homes every Monday.


    From her very first episode on the reality show, she's proven to be one of the realest cast members of all time.

    1. How real you might ask? Let me count the ways: There was that time she gave this great response to a man asking her to be nice to him.

    2. When she tried to empower the other women on the show to treat their men the way they treat them.

    3. And when she told this truth about why some men pretend they want to be in a relationship with you.

    4. When she was completely honest about why she didn't like someone on the show.

    5. And about the power twerking can have on your soul.

    6. When she showed us there are no limits to how petty she can get.

    7. When she dropped this gem on forgiveness.

    8. When she made her stance on loyalty crystal clear.

    9. And when she showed her vulnerable side.

    10. Her Instagram videos are also a treat. Like when she was struggling to get her eyebrows on fleek like the rest of us.

    11. Or when she was talking about race issues.

    12. Also, that time she got really real about why she still messes with her ex-boyfriends.

    13. And have you seen her new mixtape cover?! Talk about women's liberation!

    KSR Group

    14. Cardi just continues to give us so much.

    15. And reminds us why different kinds of feminism are important.

    16. Uniting us one for all and none for fuckboys.

    We don't deserve her!

    Cardi B. for president.

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