19 Eerily Spot-On Psychic Predictions That Have Me Frantically Googling "Psychics Near Me"

    "To this day, she remembers the look on the psychic's face when he told her her marriage would not end in divorce. In her words, 'I could tell he was holding something back. He knew.'"

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the wildest things psychics have accurately predicted about their lives, and yeah...some of them were SCARILY accurate.

    A woman with her mouth open in shock

    Sok, for your reading pleasure, here are some of the most undeniably spot-on submissions we received:

    1. "My best friend and I went to a small-town psychic after my mom passed and after she ended a long-term relationship. The psychic told my friend that the love of her life's name would start with an 'E,' and that it would be a two-syllable name. On our way home, we kept trying to come up with as many names as we could think of. As time went by, we both kind of forgot about it. A few years after she was married and had two kids, she called me up, freaking out. She asked, 'Do you remember that time we went to the psychic and she said I'd meet someone with the first letter of their name being 'E' and it would be a two-syllable name?' She said she'd never thought about it before because everyone calls her husband Gene, but his full name is EUGENE! We both got chills once we put two and two together!"


    2. "Eight years ago, an astrologer read my birth chart and told me I was going to get pregnant that year, but instructed me to not conceive the baby before September; otherwise, 'he would be born under a dark sun' or something along those lines. My boyfriend (now husband) and I had no plans whatsoever of getting pregnant anytime soon, but sure enough, in November, I got a positive pregnancy test! Luckily, he was conceived in October, and he's the happiest, most amazing boy!"


    3. "When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I got an aura reading (with a picture). The person doing the reading said that the baby's energy was female (it was too early to have found out) and that the baby was 'not sure if they wanted to stay or not.' That all felt kind of out there until my daughter was diagnosed with a major heart defect that required open-heart surgery. She almost died during the surgery but is doing alright now."

    "And recently, my daughter and I went to a wellness fair, and she had her chakras aligned. The practitioner was working in her heart chakra and said, in a very confused manor, 'It feels like there was something there, but it isn't there now.' We had to laugh because they couldn't have known that my daughter ended up having a heart transplant!"


    A woman with her mouth open in shock

    4. "My current roommate had her fortune read back in high school, and she was told that she would meet a person named Jordan who drove a truck, and she'd eventually move in with them. She figured it would be a committed relationship with a man and just shrugged it off. Well, five years later, the two of us met through mutual friends and moved in together. We're best friends now, and it took her a year after I moved in to realize that yes, my name is Jordan (but I'm a woman), yes, I drive a truck, and we have now lived together for three years. The psychic is still in business, and we're planning to go back to her together this year."


    5. "I randomly decided to get my palms read by a woman during my junior year of high school, and at that time, I had been planning to go to fashion school in New York City for years. When she read my palms, she told me various things about the future, such as the standard things about marriage, kids, etc. She then told me that I am very career-oriented (which I am) and said that Manhattan is not right for me, but 'the next city over' would be. I had never considered going to college in any other city previously. Two years later, I was enrolled at a college in Philadelphia. I went back to the same psychic two years later to see if she would tell me the same things she did the first time, and she did."


    6. "My psychic once told me, 'I hear water in the walls of your apartment.' Two months later, my apartment burned down because of an electrical fire started IN THE WALLS. It was put out by firehoses!"


    A woman with her mouth open in shock

    7. "I accompanied a friend to a psychic fair when we were both planning our weddings. During her reading, the psychic told her that she wasn't marrying the right person and that she should rethink her upcoming nuptials. I didn't get a reading, but when we stood up to leave, the psychic told me I was marrying the right person. That's all she said. Fast-forward, and my friend was divorced in under two years, and my partner and I are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary this year."


    8. "My mother-in-law went to a Chinese soothsayer. She got the fortunes read of all three of her kids, and when it came to my husband, the psychic told her that his lesson in this life was to learn from infidelity. I took it with a grain of salt and still married him. Fast-forward 20 years, and we’re getting divorced because he cheated on me."


    9. "A psychic once told my mom that her marriage 'would not end in a divorce.' She decided to write everything down to see if any of it would come true. She stuffed the note in a drawer and didn't find it until 2004, just a few days after my dad died. To this day, she remembers the look on the psychic's face when he told her her marriage would not end in divorce. In her words, 'I could tell he was holding something back. He knew.'"


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    10. "After my grandpa died, my mom went to a medium who said that he had wanted to tell her that he had another child he’d never mentioned. Later, my mom spoke with my grandfather’s second wife, and she confirmed it! Apparently, my grandparents had had a child before getting married and put her up for adoption because sex before marriage was a big no-no at the time."


    11. "I got my cards read at a local shop after my hairdresser insisted that this guy was the real deal. I went in not expecting much, especially after he told me my husband would soon be adding two animals into our life. My husband didn’t particularly care for animals, and we already had two dogs, a cat, and tons of chickens, so there was absolutely no way my husband would ever bring home ANY more animals! I’d been married to this man for over 10 years, and every animal we've had had always been my doing. I kid you not, on my way home from leaving the shop, my husband called to tell me he found two kittens at work and was bringing them home. I would have believed he won the lottery while getting struck by lightning before I would have even thought of that man bringing home any animal, much less TWO CATS!"


    12. "When my boyfriend and I went to see a psychic, the first thing she said to him was, 'Oh, you need a hug. When did your parents get divorced?' He looked at her funny because his parents were still together. About a year later, he found out that his dad had been having an affair. His parents are now divorced."


    A woman with her mouth open in shock

    13. "I had been trying to get pregnant for months with no luck, so I asked a psychic if I'd ever get pregnant. He told me I would in November. I laughed. I found out I was pregnant with my first son on Thanksgiving!"


    14. "When my mom went to go see a psychic after my grandpa died, I went along with her for moral support. On the drive over, I couldn't stop thinking about what the Bible said about psychics. I didn't voice any of this to my mom, of course. When we got there, the psychic looked at me and said, 'I'm sorry, but before I go on, I just need you to know that God gave me this gift, and he's totally cool with me using it. You were worrying about that on the way over, right?' I was so freaked out that I lied and said no!"


    15. "When I was in high school, I was dating 'the love of my life.' My aunt is a spiritually ordained medium who reads palms, so I eagerly asked her the summer between high school and college to read my palm to see what my future would bring. When I asked her if I would marry my high school sweetheart, she said no. She did say, however, that I did know the man I would marry."

    "Fast-forward five years, and my high school boyfriend was living with one of our mutual friends from our hometown. This friend had been one of my best friends until I switched schools. We would casually chat at house parties now, but nothing more. After I broke up with my high school boyfriend — which had been a long time coming — my former childhood best friend found out and texted me a few weeks later to see if I was okay. The rest is history. We’ve been together for 10 years and married for four with a beautiful baby boy."


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    16. "My late-wife was a gifted psychic who often gave readings to people. One night, I said to her, 'You always give people readings, like past life regressions, but what do you see about my life?' She thought about it for a minute, and then started rattling off a life history of a Civil War surgeon...no name, but 17 other little details of his life...dates, places, and events. I was so taken aback, I grabbed a napkin and started writing everything down. When I got home, I started googling and found a website about a half dozen men who were doctors in the Civil War. After reading over several histories, I came to a biography of one man who was born in the right year, graduated as a doctor in the right year...and by the time I was done reading, EVERYTHING my wife had said to me lined up! I'm not a doctor in this life, but that was wild!"


    17. "Years ago, a psychic said that I'd meet someone with blue eyes at some sort of dressy event that wasn't a wedding or club. Four years later, I had to go to Niagara Falls for a networking event with my company. Everyone was a bit dressed up, and I met a blue-eyed hottie. It was like magnets."


    18. "When I was 13 or 14, a $3 psychic at the county fair predicted that I would marry a 'tall redhead whose name starts with A.' For the longest time, the only tall redhead with a name starting with A that I knew was a guy in my grade named Adam, and being the young closeted gay kid I was, I wanted to laugh and tell the psychic 'No way!' 12 years later, my girlfriend is a tall redhead...named Ashley."


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    And finally:

    19. "Growing up, I had an imaginary friend called William, and when I went to see a psychic as an adult, she told me — in great detail — about a male spirit named William looking out for me. Very spooky."


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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.