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    Tell Us What A Psychic Predicted About Your Life With SCARY Accuracy

    Tell us what was ✨in the cards✨ (and/or your birth chart).

    Have you ever gone to a psychic, astrologer, and/or tarot card reader who accurately predicted something MAJOR in your life?

    neon sign that ready psychic

    If so, we wanna hear your story.

    hands holding out tarot cards

    Maybe you went to an astrologer who said, based on your birth chart, you'd meet your future spouse at work. Sure enough, six months later, a VERY cute new hire turned up at your office and things were — dare I say — written in the stars!

    person saying, this planet is governed by astrology

    Or perhaps you went to a psychic when you couldn't get pregnant and they accurately predicted that you'd have twins.

    person with their mouth open in shock

    Or maaaaybe a tarot card reader pulled a spread for you that predicted a cross-continent move — and little did they know you had already booked a one-way ticket to Paris with no plans of coming back!

    person in shock at their desk

    So if you've ever had a mystic of sorts predict something with SCARY ACCURACY, tell us all about it in the comments below, or in this anonymous form. Your submission just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!