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    Jan 12, 2015

    13 Superlatives From The 2015 Golden Globes

    Who's most likely to...?

    1. Most Likely to Be an Awkward Drunk: Giuliana Rancic

    E! /

    2. Most Likely to Stare at You With the Soulless Eyes of a Killer: Matthew McConaughey

    NBC /

    3. Most Likely to Be Pinned Onto Tons of Wedding Pinterest Boards: Reese Witherspoon

    4. Most Likely to Wonder Why She Even Showed Up When She's a Supreme and Better Than Everyone Else: Jessica Lange

    5. Mostly Likely to Be That Creep Who Makes a Cheesy Joke About Boobs: Jeremy Renner

    NBC /

    6. Most Likely to Be Unimpressed by That Joke: Meryl Streep

    NBC / Vulture /

    7. Most Likely to Look Right at You When the Preacher Mentions Sin: Frances McDormand

    NBC /

    8. Most Likely to Sum up How we Felt During the Boring Parts of the Show: George Clooney

    NBC / Now This News /

    9. Most Likely to Regret This Picture When her Daughter Shades her for it: Suri's mom

    10. Most Likely to not Really Understand What's Going on but Still Be Excited to Be There: Joaquin Phoenix

    NBC / CTV / / Buzzfeed

    11. Most Likely to Sum up How you Feel When you Finally Get Something you Knew you Deserved: Kevin Spacey

    NBC /

    12. Most Likely to Regret Being in This Picture: Este Haim

    Angela Weiss

    13. Most Likely to Eat a Burger and Really Hate it: Christoph Waltz

    Getty Images Angela Weiss

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