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24 Small, Meaningful Acts Of Kindness

It's not always the grandest gestures that make the biggest impact.

1. When Reddit users got together to send this dying man hundreds of letters and packages.

2. Sophia's letter to the president about her dads.

...and his response.

3. When this older couple paid for a younger couple's Valentine's Day dinner.

4. This small gift.

5. The driver captured on dash cam.

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6. The family who got a complimentary meal after their 3-year-old blurted out that their house had recently burned down.

7. This guy.

8. The couple who does what they can for each other.

9. A shared umbrella.

10. These men protesting domestic violence by "walking in her shoes."

11. A sign.

12. This man who loves going to work every day.

13. Wendell, the brave 10-year-old who saved a cat from being tortured by a group of boys.

14. The man whose final wish was that his family give someone a $500 tip.

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15. The softball players on the opposing team who carried Sara Tucholsky to each base after she injured her knee touching first on her first-ever home run.

16. This child and a soldier.

17. The hundreds of get-well cards from strangers received by 5-year-old Alexis Blackburn after her dad posted about her operation on Reddit.

18. The Texas A&M students who formed a human wall to block Westboro Baptist Church protesters from protesting Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale's funeral.

19. Bucket list, checked off.

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20. After Hurricane Sandy...

21. The dad who wrote this letter before his son had the chance to come out to him.

22. The 13-year-old cancer survivor who became a CoverGirl.

23. This concert.

24. Sometimes, it's the little things.