Boston Marathon Tragedy Met With Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness

These Bostonians will restore your faith in humanity.

1. Former Patriots player Joe Andruzzi carrying an injured survivor to safety.

Bill Greene/The Boston Globe
ID: 1078147

2. Two Lutheran pastors offering comfort.

ID: 1078156

3. This projection on the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

ID: 1078133

4. Followed by this message.

ID: 1078137

5. And this.

ID: 1078143

6. Patton Oswalt’s reminder that the good people in this world outnumber the bad.

ID: 1078139

7. This stranger offering help.

ID: 1078134

8. Google making a public spreadsheet of Bostonians opening their homes to those displaced.

ID: 1078199

9. And setting up a person finder.

ID: 1078148

10. Bostonians offering shelter.

ID: 1078197

11. And the real Boston.

ID: 1078198

12. This local restaurant offering help to those in need.

ID: 1078201

13. The man who used what he had to save a life.

ID: 1078678

14. A local woman who opened her home to strangers.

ID: 1078204

15. This other woman who also opened her home.

ID: 1078202

16. Runners offering warmth.

ID: 1078203

17. These two volunteers who helped responders at the scene.

ID: 1078207

18. Two men help an injured woman move away from the explosions.

Bill Greene/The Boston Globe
ID: 1078669

19. Runners donating blood.

ID: 1078149

20. And the donations being overwhelming.

ID: 1078209

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