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Will Ferrell Was Asked Why Mariah Carey Was Cut From His Movie And He Did Not Hold Back

Well, this is awkward.

Will Ferrell stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night, and when asked why Mariah Carey's cameo was cut from his upcoming film, The House, he pretty much held nothing back:

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The awkwardness began when Andy Cohen asked if it was true that Carey had shown up ~four hours~ late to set. Ferrell turned straight to camera, did a little dance, and said:

When asked if Carey had any helpful notes on the script, Ferrell said she had only one:

And apparently she was supposed to sing one of her songs in the scene, but decided last minute that she wanted to sing a different one — which the production didn't have the rights to use.

And she had a pretty interesting request for her trailer, too:

Ferrell says that after a long day of waiting around, he was finally told to go home at 11 p.m. And he didn't need to be told twice:

Mariah has yet to comment on any of his claims, but I'm guessing her response will look a little something like this: