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People Think Kylie Jenner Might Have Already Secretly Given Birth

Time for another konspiracy theory.

Close your blinds, lock your doors, and put on your tinfoil hats, because there's a new Kardashian Konspiracy Theory floating around and we need to discuss it.

You've PROBABLY heard the rumors that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Well, some people now think she's already given birth.

It all started with the Great Kardashian Christmas Card Disaster of 2017.

Many people thought Kylie's pregnancy would be announced on the Kardashian's Christmas card this year. The family played right into this theory, by releasing 24 sneak previews of the card in the lead-up to Christmas.

Now, Kylie was NOTICEABLY ABSENT from every picture they released, so people figured they were saving her ~big reveal~ for Christmas day. But then Christmas came and...Kylie wasn't on the card at all.

But WAIT! Fans also spotted something slightly ~unusual~ about one of the family's pictures:

Half of the Christmas card are looking at something THEY’RE LOOKING AT KYLIE JENNER HOLDING THAT BABY IM TELLING U

Half the women seem to be looking at something off-camera. What the heck is it??

What are they looking at... they're looking at something... or someone! 👀 tomorrow is the day kylie is either in a…

And just like that, a new theory was ~born~: The women in the picture are looking at Kylie holding her newborn child.

Plot twist Kylie already had her baby

A conspiracy: kylie already had her baby and she too busy breastfeeding to take selfies

OK I’m calling it now @KylieJenner has already had her baby and it’s a girl 🔮🤷🏻‍♀️👶🏽💞

And people suspect that maybe — just maybe — more of the card will be released soon. Like, maybe tomorrow???

what if kylie jenner makes the announcement on NYE instead? what if she already had the baby? what if we’re all dead? what if

Of course, it's ALSO very possible that the women are looking at a still-pregnant Kylie, or no Kylie at all. Who the hell knows anymore!

But it DOES seem weird that the Kardashian-Jenners would release a card without maybe there's something cropped out of this pic that will be released soon. It does kinda look like it!