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People Are Sharing The Wildest Reasons Their Teachers Got Fired, And My Jaw Is On The Floor

"He had a bag of female students' hair in his desk."

Over the weekend, a viral Reddit thread asked users, "What was the craziest reason a teacher at your school got fired?"

A teacher
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The thread quickly blew up as thousands of users started sharing their wildest stories about teachers getting axed. Some of the scandals that people shared were bizarre and hilarious, while others were honestly pretty dark and horrifying.


Here are some of the top-voted responses from the thread:

1. "Our high school art teacher got fired after someone found an old YouTube video of him painting with his ass cheeks. We held a protest to try to keep him around, but they fired him anyway."

Hands painting
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2. "They sent a porn link instead of a Google Form by email. Many students then commented on the video with a lot of great jokes. Funny times."


3. "In high school, for PE, our teacher took us canoeing. Instead of checking the weather, he just brought 15 first-year students into the channel our school was on. A severe thunderstorm hit, and our teacher paddled safely back to school and left us teens in the water. We tied our canoes together and rowed back to school, but we were drenched and super late. Our teacher was just standing on the dock, not a care in the world. He got fired like two days later."


4. "Shop teacher got a sophomore pregnant."


5. "A history teacher I had in high school gave us a a lot of random documentary/movie days, during which she would just sit in the back at her desk drinking tea. The year after I graduated, she had a movie day, and when the film ended, she didn’t get up or do anything but sit there, eyes closed. Fearing the worst, some students went to the office and brought an administrator down, who realized that she was passed-out drunk. They found bottles in her desk."

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6. "Our teacher threw a chair across the classroom, hitting a student in the process."


7. "When I was in third grade, my teacher got fired for selling us Pokémon cards that she would confiscate from other classes during recess. She told us that we could buy the cards for about 25 cents but we couldn't have them out during school hours."


8. "She posted nudes on her public Facebook profile."

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9. "I was at a Catholic school, and one teacher got fired because he remarried after a divorce."


10. "A teacher called one of his students and drunk-confessed his obsessive love to her (on voicemail...), promising to leave his new wife and baby for her."


11. "A student teacher who was coaching the cheer team gave a girl pain meds (narcotics) without a prescription or permission from parents. She got fired. Never heard if she managed to get a teaching license after that."


12. "The teacher in the machine shop got arrested for making silencers for the Mafia. And half the stuff he had us making as class projects on the lathes and milling machines were items he used in making them."

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13. "Not my school, but one in my general area had an entire lunch period’s worth of students watch a male teacher scream at his wife (a female teacher in the same school) after catching her with the janitor. In school."


14. "Long story short, my French teacher was fucking the lunch lady on school property."


15. "My band teacher resigned and fled back to his home state but ended up getting arrested on federal charges. He was having sex with band students on trips, some of which were across state borders. His house was searched and he had videos. He got 45 days in jail. His parents are affluent, and he was able to push the trial out several years before eventually pleading guilty."

A prisoner
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16. "First year of high school, we kept having bomb scares. About once a month, we would have to evacuate while the police brought the bomb dogs to check out the place. Turns out it was one of our long-term subs. She got arrested, but I don’t know the end result."


17. "A really cool teacher of mine put on the 2016 Deadpool movie in class after some convincing from the class. Anyways, some kid snitched (no idea who), and because the movie was rated R, she was fired. She was really cool, too, and I felt pretty bad."


18. "Our teacher was a chronic liar and lied about having a master's. Funny thing is, she actually did have a relevant degree that would’ve gotten her the job. Other lies included dating Brad Pitt, being an ex–gang member, and even being a multimillionaire who just enjoyed teaching."


19. "My language arts teacher got caught taking the bus up to the mountain to smoke weed with the ski club. This was back before the sticky icky was legal here."

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20. "A teacher at my middle school got fired because they found her picture on an adult site with no top and her number written across her chest."


21. "The geometry teacher caught someone cheating on a test, so he took her test and took a bite out of it in front of her."


22. "In high school, an annoying boy thought it would be funny to slap our math teacher's ass; he, a middle-aged man, immediately slapped that kid's face in return. Boy was 'invited to leave,' and teacher was fired."


23. "Pretty mild, but the only time a teacher was fired at my school was when he called in sick and was seen playing golf."

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24. "He had a bag of female students' hair in his desk. I still don't know what to make of it. He was one of the best and most well-liked teachers and coaches."


And finally...

25. "On a Friday night, a gym teacher–girls' basketball coach purposely threw a bong out of the passenger's-side window of his pickup truck (he was in the passenger's seat; his wife was driving), causing it to smash on the hood of an on-duty sheriff's marked Crown Victoria. Again, he meant it to smash on the hood of the cop car. He got out trying to assault the cop but was quickly subdued/tased. Never saw him again after that. He was a cool guy."

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Okay, your turn: What's the wildest reason a teacher got fired at YOUR school? Share your story in the comments, please.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.